Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Color Comparison: Flash Light vs. Grapefruit and Light Flare

lululemon grapefruit-flash-light

lululemon grapefruit-flash-light

Comparison of Grapefruit and Flash Light. The top photo was taken with a flash. The colors are nearly identical. Since I already have a Grapefruit CRB I left the Flash Light one at the store. The Flash Light CRB is made in Canada.

lululemon grapefruit-light-flare
 Light Flare vs. Flash Light


Unknown said...

I felt the same way about the fresco blue and peacock, and left the peacock at the store
today. I wish they were different enough for me to justify getting another swiftly, but alas they are not...

Deezee007 said...

I'm going to need the Light Flare CRB. I have the Light Flare Scuba Hoodie and have been longing for a more versatile piece in this color that can be worn all year round :)

Jessie said...

I find it so odd that they do this with the color palette, especially for the same season! There are so many minty/light blues that I lost track. If they were more consistent though I could be match better hmmphhh

Anonymous said...

I just got my Diagonal Stripe pattern Grapefruit Swiftly Long Sleeve the other day. It's a great peachy pink colour, love it so much! I also have a Flash Light Swiftly and its more of a pinky peach haha, they are similar :) Love both but the Grapefruit is definitely my favourite now, and quite possibly not only favourite of these two colours but favourite of all Swiftlys - I actually think the website photos don't do it justice, it's much nicer in person, the colour is prettier in person as well, plus in the website photos it looks very see through, but it actually isn't, I do wear a nude bra underneath so maybe that helps too. Definitely recommend if you like these kinds of colours!

Deezee007 - I have the Light Flare Scuba Hoodie from a few years ago too (bought it sometime around end of summer/early fall, maybe three years ago - same time as Porta Potty Green and Pigment Blue Scubas), I adore the Light Flare Scuba :) I find the Scubas from that time were such great quality, the fabric and the fit was amazing, my recent Scubas are all great too but just not quite as amazing as the ones from that period of time.