Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Color Comparison: Alarming vs. Love Red, Atomic Red, Currant, and Grapefruit

lululemon-love-red alarming red
 Tonka Stripe Love Red vs. Alarming  - taken in florescent light

lululemon-cool-racerback love-red eagle-bra-alarming-red
Love Red vs. Currant - taken in outdoor light

To help you choose whether or not you need the new Alarming Cool racerback, here are some color comparisons of Alarming (from 2010) to other reds - Love Red, Currant, Atomic Red, and Grapefruit. Alarming is tough to classify. I consider it more of an orange - a reddish orange - but a lot of people call it a red.  I would say Alarming is a slightly darker Love Red. It's pretty hard to capture accurately with the camera on my iPhone.

lululemon-love-red alarming red
Love Red Cool Racerback to Alarming Eagle Bra.

lululemon-love-red-cool-racerback alarming red
Tonka Strip Love Red Cool Racerback, Alarming Eagle Bra, and Currant Cool Racerback

lululemon-love-red-cool-racerback alarming red-bra atomic-red-race-wth-grace
 Tonka Stripe Love Red Cool Racerback, Alarming Bra, and Atomic Red Race with Grace Pullover

lululemon-grapefruit-cool-racerback alarming red-bra atomic-red-race-wth-grace
It looks super pretty against Grapefruit - Grapefruit Cool Racerback, Alarming Eagle Bra, and Atomic Red Race with Grace Pullover.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comparisons! Not regretting ordering now.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Can't wait for the Canadian drop!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Can't wait for wrap it up to hit ontario stores.

Anonymous said...

SO is this more of an orange or a red?

LuluAddict said...

I think of Alarming as a reddish orange and I hang it with oranges in my closet, but a lot of people consider it more of a red, an orangey red. I think it's a half-full or half-empty kind of thing, lol.

Anonymous said...

I have an Alarming (with Deep Coal accent colour) Define Jacket and I think of it as an orangey red or reddish orange colour :) like LLA said it's kind of like a glass half-full or half-empty thing! It definitely has an orange look to it and isn't a true red, but more red and a darker colour than Atomic Red (I have this Define as well) which I think of as more of an orange coral colour and not red at all.

Anonymous said...

Thanks LLA! I think I will get the Alarming CRB even though I have the Love Red CRB from about three years ago? Or maybe two. It's starting to show signs of wear and I've changed sizes since then so this looks like a good replacement. These sorts of orangey reds go very good with my coloring. Whenever I see someone in a love red tank it always catches my eye as such a pretty color.