Friday, July 10, 2015

Blue Denim Define, Sun to Moon Scarf, and More


lululemon blue-denim-define

lululemon blue-denim-define

The Blue Denim Define. I was hoping to see this at my store today but they didn't have it.

Blue Denim Street to Studio Pant


lululemon jeweled-magenta-wild-tank
Jeweled Magenta Wild Tank

lululemon sun-to-moon-scarf
Sun to Moon Scarf

lululemon-flow-y bali
New Bali Breeze Flow Y under a Cool to Street Tank. Shown with Cool to Street Crops.

LS Swiftly in Grapefruit.


I saw these Super Squad shorts in the store today (BTW, these shorts are still hidden on the website. Use this to get to them.) - these are a wee space silver with Alarming trim.


Anonymous said...

Is that sun to moon scarf in a different colorway than the two options offered online right now? Looks completely different. Or is it just some lighting filter action... ?

Eve said...

Is the super squad shorts a size down item or a loose tts? Can I size down?

Sophie said...

I ordered the blue denim define jacket online and just got it last night. It's my first define jacket so I can't compare it to other colors, but I'm not very pleased with the fit TBH. The upper arms are quite snug and the collar when zipped all the way up is very small in circumference and uncomfortable against my throat. The other thing that drives me batty is that the bottom hemline flares out in the front. I got my usual Size 6 in jackets. I could try a size up but I know it would be too big around the bottom hem because even the 6 flares out. Ugh. Such a pretty color, but the fit is just off for me.

Rise and Shine said...

I like the Sun to Moon scarf, but the price is off. It's just a cotton scarf, so it should be more like $35. $68 is too steep.

Anonymous said...

I tried the JM Wild Tank in store today. I've always wanted one but just couldn't buy it. While the back is irresistible, the front is so frumpy and puckered weird around the bust. The material wasn't silverescent either but was some sort of technical burnout type of material. So sad as it would be so cute but is just not worth $64 to only be cute from the backside. Most people see me from the front, especially those who I hang out with.

Anonymous said...

I just ordered the diagonal stripe Grapefruit Swiftly Long Sleeve as well as the Alarming Swiftly Short Sleeve Scoop Neck. I was hesitating on the Grapefruit LS then decided to go ahead and order it anyway - hope I like it when it gets here!

LuluAddict said...

@Sohpie - That is a bummer. I know denim luon often fits snugger than regular luons.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 5:04 pm - the Diagonal Jeweled Magenta Swiftly was super soft and stretchy so I think you'll like the grapefruit one.

@ anon 4:12 pm -I've tried on the Wild Tank many times and still cannot like it. I like the bra a lot but the back is too low and droops open and the front is blah. I wish they'd bring back the No Limit Tank.

@Rise and Shine - I'm sure it will hit WMTM soon enough.

@Eve - I haven't tried them on but I know they're made to be loose fitting.

kiwihusky said...

Do you know what tank is worn under the Blue denim define? I love the look one her, so cute!

LuluAddict said...

@Kiwi - It's the Blush Quartz Cool to Street Tank.

Anonymous said...

Eve@6:28 pm

I tried the super squad shorts in my TTS 6 and also a size down 4. I'm 5'6" 125lbs. I preferred the TTS 6, altho I suppose the 4 was doable. I just felt the back was slightly tighter than I would like. But I can see how others might prefer to size down. In the end, I did not buy...felt the contrast iris flower on the sunset stripe was slightly off, altho I like the color combo in concept.

Anonymous said...


I agree on the define fits and flaring out at bottom. I prefer the fabric on the older defines. It's a tighter construction/heavier weight fabric that don't flare out. The newer ones have been disappointing. The black cherry is paper thin. Feels cheap, but I love the color so I kept it. The flaring out at the bottom is a problem. They really need to fix that. It clearly shouldn't be like that.

All my defines are a size 8. Maybe I need to start sizing down. Has anyone else found that?

I think as LLL expands production, consistency is a real issue they need to address. I have no idea what countries the define is made in. I've never looked. Multiple factories in multiple countries is not the ideal, but there shld be a quality assurance team in each country that shld help with consistency (if they are doing their job).

Deezee007 said...

I'm really loving the blue denim define. Such a pretty color that we need more pieces in. Yay for the Cabazon Lulu Outlet!!!

Sophie said...

@LuluAddict Thanks for the info about the denim luon. Went to my nearest store today in the hopes of trying on my size-up 8 in the blue denim define. Unfortunately they haven't gotten it yet, but for comparison I tried on a 6 in another color (black). What a difference! Much roomier than the size 6 blue denim in the arms and neck, and a bit longer in the torso as well. So in my experience the blue denim definitely runs smaller, so if you're true size is already a bit snug or you're between sizes, I'd recommend sizing up! (I returned the 6 and reordered the 8 online. I love the color so I figured it was worth a shot!)