Tuesday, July 14, 2015

All Good Pullover, Serenity Short, Daya Knit Tee, and More

lululemon-all-good-pulllover alarming


lululemon all-good-pulllover alarming
Serenity Short and new All Good Pullover. Anyone try on this pullover yet? It looks comfy but a bit on the short side.

lululemon-all-good-pulllover tranquil

lululemon-all-good-pulllover tranquil
All Good Pullover and Pleat to Street Skirt

lululemon-all-sport-crop bali-crb

lululemon-all-sport-crop flow-y
Bali Breeze Cool Racerback, Flow Y, and All Sport Crop

lululemon-pace-rival ace-spot
Alarming Swiftly Tank, Free to Be Wild Bra, and Ace Spot Pace Rival Crop.

Gingham Energy Bra, What the Sport Singlet, and Serenity Short


Daya Knit SS, Sun to Moon Scarf, and Denim In the Flow Crops




lululemon-stripe-wunder-under-pant bali-breeze-cool-racerbacl

Narrow Bold Stripe Wunder Under Pant and Bali Breeze Cool Racerback


lululemon-alarming-wunder-under-crop daya-knit-tee
Daya Knit Tee and Alarming Wunder Under Crops

lululemon-alarming-wunder-under-crop daya-knit-tee

lululemon-alarming-wunder-under-crop black-daya-knit-tee
Daya Knit Tee and Alarming Wunder Under Crop

The new perforarated, reflective Baller cap.


All Tied Up Tank and Alarming Spring Break Away Short

lululemon-all-tied-up-tank alarming-wunder-under-crop
Alarming and Bali Breeze Wunder Under Crops shown with a Bali CRB and All Tied Up Tank.

lululemon-all-tied-up-tank serenity-short
All Tied Up Tank and Serenity Short

lululemon-duffel scratch-match
Scratch Match All You Need Duffel


Anonymous said...

That pullover is ill fitting on both models :( Shame.

Anonymous said...

Also don't like how much cheek the Serenity shorts ride up to show when sitting down. They look like wedgie shorts!

Anonymous said...

I saw the all tied up tank at the store today & really liked the bold stripe colors. They are much more vivid in person. I'm just not an open back person or I'd of been all over it.

Sophie said...

I think the elastic band around the waist of the pullover is the deal breaker for me. Elasticized waists do nothing but ride up on me.