Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Upload! Get it here.

lululemon pistachio-swiftly-tank

lululemon pretty-purple-swiftly-tank


lululemon blue-denim-swiftly-tank
So many pretty Swiftlys showed up today. Shown are Pistachio, Pretty Purple, Grapefruit, and Blue Denim. My store hasn't been getting all the new swiftlys in so I ordered the ones I want to try - Pistachio, Grapefruit, and Blue Denim. Swiftlys are my standard running top in the summer.

lululemon blue-denim-swiftly-ss

lululemon iris-swiftly-ss

lululemon pistachio-ss-swiftly
New Scoop Neck Swiftly SS in Blue Denim, Iris Flower, and Pistachio. If the Blue Denim were the same space dye-type heathered version used in the tank, I would have ordered the SS, too. I am a sucker for Space Dye Swiftly patterns.



Pistachio (CAN), Lullaby, and Grapefruit (CAN) LS Swiftly tops.

The US got the Poseidon CRB. I got this in the store today.

lululemon-pace-rival-crop palm-party

lululemon-pace-rival-crop dashing-puprl
Canada got the new Pace Rival Crops. My sizing fears were not realized - these go to a 12. 

lululemon-seamlessly-street poseidon
Canada got the new Heathered Seamlessly Street crops in Poseidon and Black.

Canada got a cute Pistachio Mesh Race to Win hat. We both got the Grapefruit one.

lululemon-what-the-sport-ss gator
I want to try this on in the store - Gator What the Sport SS (US)


lululemon-layer-up-dress black


lululemon-layer-up-dress silver
The US got the Layer Up Dress I saw in my store today.

lululemon-wee-space-silver-spoon define


lululemon-runbeam-floral-sport multi
Toothpaste and Floral Sport White Runbeam Hoodies (US). I got the print one at the store today.

lululemon-skinny-groove floral-backdrop-iris-flower


lululemon-speed-tight floral-backdrop

lululemon-diamond-camo-silver spoon tracker

Jeweled Magenta Ebb to Street Bra




lululemon-free-to-be-wild-bra pretty purle

lululemon-wunder-under-crop floral-sport-multi
Canada got Floral Sport Multi Roll Down Wunder Under Crops

lululemon-net-pop-black inspire-crop

lululemon-palm-party wunder-under-crop
These were in my cart for awhile but I decided to wait to see them in the store - Palm Party Naval Blue Wunder Under crops.


lululemon tall-groove-short jacquard
Canada got Tall Groove Shorts in Diamond Jacquard

lululemon dancing-warrior-lullaby-ace-dot

lululemon-floral-sport pace-rival-skirt



lululemon-om-for all bag
Canada got a pretty Blue Denim Om for All bag.

lululemon-om-for-all bag


The straw Baller hats are back.

lululemon-scuba blush

The US got Scubas in Blush Quartz and Dashing Purple. The Dashing Purple would tempt me but we're heading into summer.


lululemon-swim-hipster grapefruit

lululemon-surf-short grapefruit



The new swim items.

lululemon-sun-runner-ls grapefruit


Just the Swiftly tanks for me. Did you get anything today?


Anonymous said...

sweat cuffs are back oh god haha

Lululover said...

I ordered CRB in Poseidon from the upload and purchased new Define at the store yesterday along with white Miss Misty which I'm not sure if I'll keep it

Unknown said...

anyone know what's different on the pleat to street II skirt? vs the I?

Anonymous said...

Really disappointing upload for Canada :(

Anonymous said...

Canada hasn't gotten any Scoop Neck Swiftlies at all this year. Also, we didn't get as many colour choices in any of the other Swiftlies that everyone else is getting :(

And no Wee Space Silver Spoon Define Jacket for Canada either! I've noticed that for quite some time now we haven't been getting all of the new Defines that the US has been getting. It's really disappointing actually.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention, this may be of interest to those of you looking at the Diagonal Stripe Lullaby Long Sleeve Swiftly - I just received mine today, and I don't like it as much as all my other Swiftly tops (and I have a lot!). It feels a bit off in fit, the lower sleeves feel a bit tighter and the bust around to the back feel a bit tighter but the midsection/waist area feels looser. I did measure it with one of my others and it is only a slight difference in size but it feels really noticeable to me, especially the lower arms (and my arms aren't big at all). It doesn't feel as stretchy in the areas than seem a bit tighter to me and the fabric also seems a lot thinner than all of my others.

Anonymous said...

Inspiration tank - yay!

Luli Designs said...

Can't wait for the jet crop slim in the grey to come to Canada. Anyone know if they are luxtreme or rulu?

Anonymous said...

Snoooooze. All the overseas previews had me all jazzed up. I guess we'll see them trickle in throughout June as we saw Pigment Wave trickle through NA. Wallet safe this week! Woot!

LuluAddict said...

@Luli - The Jet crops are luxtreme.

Anonymous said...

Saw the poseidon CRB in store today and was so bummed --- suuuuper polyestery. Bleah. Have been wanting more blue but left it there. Just bring out the basics (CRB / 105 / Define / WUC) in nice solid colors and take my money dammit!

Unknown said...

I was able to get most of what I wanted at my local Lulu last night..The new Define, the Gator Green Seamlessly street crops and the inspiration tank as well as the printed Runbeam Hoodie..But i wanted the poseidon crb so I ordered that and I also got the new Inspire Crop in black net pop..have to stock up if they are going to discontinue the run inspire crop...I am tempted by the new speeds that showed up tonight too but we are heading into summer..but then again it was 40 degrees here this past week-end , LOL (Chicagoland)

Beth said...

I bought the new run skirt from the Hong Kong site as I live in China. Only thing I'm tempted with on the US site is the floral free to be wild bra. But I'm still waiting on the one I ordered before to see if it's something that I can wear or not being a larger busted woman.

Sophie said...

Anonymous - thanks for the info about the lullaby ls swiftly. I'm on the fence about it. I got the swiftly racerback in that same diagonal print in heathered jewelled magenta and the fabric was definitely different. And while it was overall a little looser to begin with, it stretched out TERRIBLY after just a little wear. So I'm unsure what to do about the lullaby long sleeve. Very pretty, but if it's snug in the sleeve then I can't even size down in anticipation of it stretching out. Hmm.

Anonymous said...

I haven't gotten anything in many weeks...months almost. For reference, I've been buying Lulu for almost a decade so my drawers and closets are already chock full of Lulu. I think those of us that already have a ton of stuff need to be wowed to keep buying, and nothing is really doing that for me lately. I was almost hooked into buying a pair of inspires in the print that people were referring to as the "I just got my period" pants (yes, I still considered them despite the comments), but in one week, I saw 5 different ladies wearing this print around town. So that came off my want list. Now there is nothing I want...my hubs is happy.

Anonymous said...

I got the Poseidon crb the gray slim jet crops and the striped lullaby long sleeves. Also got a few items from the wmtm. Ouch.


Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous 6:42, if you have a good stock of lulu, we need something to really wow us before we buy more. And honestly, how many more of the exact same tank in a different color does one really need?? Tired of buying repeat item.

Anonymous said...

Didn't know if I was a minority or not - any new swiftly in any style I just have never had any interest. The one I have snags like panty hose on a hangnail. Weekly there's various new colors for them.

Anonymous said...

With the exception of the swiftly tops and the FTBW bras, nothing appeals to me. Most of it is 'meh'. The Layer Up dress is a hideous sack.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 5:31 PM, fully agree on the Poseidon CRB, same goes for that pink one. Expected to buy one or both last week in store and they were an easy pass.

Anonymous said...

I had the Poseidon CRB in my cart, but after hearing how polyester-y it is, I decided not to get it. Instead I got the grapefruit surf shorts, the denim swiftly tank, and the dragonfly What the Sport singlet to try. The reviews for the WTS aren't good, but I love the dragonfly color enough to give it a shot. I was also tempted by the iris flower swiftly short sleeve, but I'm going to check it out in person first.

Anonymous said...

anon @4:29pm I'm going to have to move from US to Canada so I can get the following that I can't get here in the US! :( :

- Runbeam Hoodies in Iris and Black (don't like what was upload in US)
- Pace Rival Crop in palm party gator green/black
- Pistachio Mesh Race to Win hat
- Grapefruit Sun Runner LS
- Pleat To Street skirt in the mini art pop white multi/black
- High Times palm party blue denim/black
- Race To Win Run Hat in floral backdrop black multi/pretty purple

Grass is always greener!

Anonymous said...

Just the Poseidon CRB for me. I'm not loving the new colors and prints, which is good for me and my pocketbook!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your great uploads LLA. It allows us to view everything up close :)

Anonymous said...

I want to see more of that Iris flower floral backdrop we (Can) got in the skinny grooves! I really like it but I dont want skinny grooves...ended up with a couple swiftlys, but that was it for me.

Anonymous said...

Thought I posted a comment, but now I don't see it. Sorry if this ends up being a duplicate! Any thoughts on the Runbeam Hoodie vs the Water Bound Hoodie? I have the water bound, and love it for pool, beach, playground, waterpark, etc., but don't run in it. The Runbeam is marketed as a running top, although it's made of swim fabric. Any reason why I can't use it for all of the water and sunny day activities I use the Water Bound for?

luvcoffee said...

The Poseidon CRB that I ordered last week (CAN) came today, but it's going back. Don't bother with this one, ladies. It's so sheer that it's almost like lingerie!

Unknown said...

I really want those patterned skinny grooves that Canada got! I'd been waiting for the lullaby swiftly so I ordered that, but I'm a little swiftly-ed out. It might go back, as I've gotten a purple fix from my suburb iris long-sleeve. I love that thing!!

Karin said...

Totally blah upload for me. I was kind of excited about it when I saw the sneak peek UK and HK uploads, but the US upload was lame. I really wanted both of the Run STuff Your Bras that was uploaded to UK (or HK, can't remember).

Deezee007 said...

Any one know the difference between the Baller Hats and the What's Sup Hat? Is it purely the trucker style VS non- trucker?

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with 6;42, I have way too many lulu items and way Too many workout clothes.
for me it has to be a very special piece.


Anonymous said...

I got the Poseidon CRB last week and it's not sheer at all. The jewelled magenta was just slightly sheer.

Unknown said...

Thoughts on the Om pants in floral sport black? I kinda like them but I'm not sure if I will in person. Are they tts?

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 5:11 am - They are basically the same. The biggest difference to me is the zipper in the Runbeam comes down a lot lower - mid chest - than the Water Bound. The Runbeam also has a kangaroo front pocket and a straight hem instead of a gathered elastic one like the WB. Otherwise they are useful for the same purpose - sun protection for running and water activities.

Anonymous said...

Gah, I wish I'd read these comments before I ordered the Poseidon CRB. I just got mine in the mail and the fabric is awful. I compared it to the others in my closet and it's about half the thickness of the solid colors and it feels cheap and shiny. Not soft, but like polyester. The color is so gorgeous but I have to send it back. It sucks living far from a store and having to pay $5 to send it back. Lesson learned. I have been so disappointed with everything lulu lately. I was just telling my husband my favorite purchases from lulu for the year have been older stuff picked up on ebay. I'm kind of astonished lululemon gets away with selling tanks like this for $42. I'm registered for seawheeze and have been training hard, however a part of me is contemplating just running a half locally rather than spend the money to travel. Seeing how fug the registration shorts were and the product lineup lately makes me think I may be really disappointed with the clothing selection.