Monday, June 1, 2015

Floral Backdrop Race to Win Hat


lululemon-race-to-win-hat floral-backdrop
Shoot, I didn't think the Floral Backdrop Race to Win Mullit/Pretty Purple hat was that bright in real life but top photo seems to indicate it is. The Lullaby What the Sport Singlet and Heathered Jeweled Magenta Free to Be Wild bra colors look true to life so the hat can't be too far off. I really like it. This photo is from a Canadian store so it's not in the US yet.


Unknown said...

Oh no..they are putting out such great printed hats I am going to need another I'm afraid, LOL!!

Lululover said...

Is this from US store? My store has pink one today. I like this one better .

OT: I got new Define in Wee from the space today! LOVE! So beautiful and has slight texture to it. Also got Miss Misty in white, really liking brass hardweae. Define is definitely a keeper, will think about Miss Misty some more