Monday, June 1, 2015

Runbeam Hoodie, Art Pop Pleat to Street Skirt, New Free to Be Wild Bra Colors, Inspiration Tanks Have Hit the US, and More

lululemon-runbeam-hoodie toothpaste

lululemon-all-you-need-tight palm -party

Toothpaste Runbeam Hoodie and Naval Palm Party All You Need Tight. This is from a US store.

lululemon-runbeam-hoodie toothpaste


lululemon-runbeam-hoodie toothpaste

lululemon-runbeam-hoodie toothpaste seamlessly-street-crop
Toothpaste Runbeam Hooodie and Seamlessly Street Crops. The lighter colored UPF tops tend to be see through so buy a larger size if you want more opacity. Last time these were out they ran TTS but snug in the upper arms. It also had a sticky zipper so I hope that has been fixed. This is from a US store.

lululemon-inspiration-tank lullaby-ace-dot

lululemon-inspiration-tank lullaby-ace-dot


lululemon-inspiration-tank lullaby-ace-dot

lululemon-inspiration-tank lullaby-ace-dot

lululemon-inspiration-tank-crosscourt-petal gator-green-seamlessly-street
The Inspiration Tanks have finally hit US Stores.  Shown with Gator Green Seamlessly Street crops. Every time I see these Gator Green Seamlessly Streets, I want them more.

lululemon-free-to-be-wild-bra grapefruit-floral-sport-multi
The newest Free to Be Wild Bras to hit US stores -  Grapefruit/Gator Green, a new palm leaf print, and Floral Sport Multi/Pistachio.


lululemon-art-pop-pleat-to-street-skirt straight-up-tank




All You Need Bra and Liberty Short. This bra doesn't have pockets for cups.



Sophie said...

The seamlessly street crops are wearing me down too. How's the sizing on these? I feel like a lot of people complain in reviews that the seamless tights fall down in the waist. Is sizing down a good idea?

Luli Designs said...

I had this bra in my hands ready to go up to buy it and then I noticed there was no place for cups so it went back on the rack.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, white bra + no cups = major fail