Thursday, June 18, 2015

New What We Love

The new Grapefruit CRB is coming.

lululemon-wunder-under-crop iris-flower
New Iris Flower Wunder Under Crops - these are already in Canada.

lululemon-on-the-daily lullaby
Lullaby On the Daily for Canada.

lululemon-speed-short sunset-stripe

Cute Sunset Stripe Speed Shorts for Canada.


Pretty Purple Tracker Short

lululemon-swiftly tranquil-blue
I honestly don't get this color at all - Tranquil Blue. We've already had Sea Mist and Pistachio and Caspian is on the website, too. Why all the pastel light blue/greeny blue/light green in a clump?

lululemon-wunder-under-pant back-spin-stroke
Funky Back Spin Stroke Roll Down WUPs.


lululemon-running-in-the-cty 7/8 tight
New Running in the City line is dropping, too. Where are all the new tank styles Europe already got?


Sophie said...

You know, I agree with you about all the blue/greens. I will say I thought tranquil blue was bluer than it appears in that photo (which on my screen looks like a slightly more saturated sea mist). To further your point, I think lullaby and blue denim are also too close and released too close together. I got the heathered blue denim, lullaby, and heathered iris swiftly racerback tank all in a row and really at that point had to draw the line! Wish there were more oranges/reds in the mix.

Lululover said...

I have a feeling that since US is already an "established" market for lulu they think that we will "eat" whatever they drop here. It seems that they are trying so hard to position themselves in Europe and Asia, bringing all the cool product and newest gear to them firsthand

Anonymous said...

i LOVE Tranquil Blue! Different from Sea Mist and Pistachio which were both a little off for my liking.
Am thrilled this is coming to uS in L/S swiftly. It's gorgeous.

Agree there seems to be no real rhyme or reason to the way lulu has been releasing new colors. But blues and greens are my personal favorites, so hard to complain. Loving Iris Flower, lullaby, heathered blue denim, fresco blue, tranquil blue and dragon fly. Grapefruit is beautiful too. I have lots of pinks so I'm happy in that dept.

Anonymous said...

The lullaby on the daily is cute, but I think its getting to the point in the summer (or almost summer) where its even too hot for light sweatshirts.

Enough mega mesh already. It really looks ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

What I don't get is why they are releasing long sleeve swiftlies and not speeds on the US side when it's 820349823094823 degrees here! I barely wear the LS in winter for goodness sake.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen the iris flower wunder under roll downs in Calgary? Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

I'm still holding out hope that Beachscape will come back. I want a CRB or shorts. Not eBay badly, but still badly.

Anonymous said...

Just got the Cyber Stripe White Silver fox High Times sans orange zipper...I actually prefer it plain as the orange zipper limits it in some ways, as great as it looks. The stripes are not as matched as the dark version. Yes, they shld be matched for $98 lulu.

Anonymous said...

LLA I think you are right about the LLL approach to NA can "eat it" as in - "if you make it (anything) they will come." For me personally, no this does not work. They get MUCH less of my business and are really losing my interest, and I am a hardcore runner and yogi.

In these photos all I am interested in are the grapefruit CRB and the heathered tranquil blue Swiftly.

So many examples of stuff being produced for overseas and not making it here. Way to isolate and lose customers LLL.