Thursday, June 11, 2015

New What We Love

lululemon-iris-flower swiftly tank
Looks like the Iris Flower Swiftly Tank is finally coming.

lululemon bleacher-stripe CRB
This is already in Canada. I'm not sure if I'll order it. I think this is a print I'll tire of quickly. We're supposed to be getting a couple of other CRBs, too. I hope the US is getting Pistachio. Canadians are reporting the Pistachio is thick and nice.  I know that Gator has been spotted in Canada, too.

lululemon iris inspires
It's too hot for Tights here but I'm hoping for the crops in this.

Canada is supposed to finally be getting the Silver Fox High Times.

lululemon net-pop-define

Update: Katelin recanted and these are not coming.

lululemon what-the-sport-ss
I was wanting to try this until I saw the mesh version pop up in the UK so I'll be waiting for that.

lululemon-pleat-to-street iris-flower
Love this!

Not a fan of this style. 

Not a big fan of these.

I'm not sure what to make of this. I'm not a fan of the maternity-rear designs.


Anonymous said...

i hope the stripes line up on those high time hyper stripes. The city kick pant were mismatched, and I did find one pair that were ok on bum but on side of legs they were WMTM price of $69 that was still too much to put up with it. Im glad I waited!

Anonymous said...

Hi LLA, do you know if US residents can purchase from the Canadian site? I couldn't snag a pair of the high times cyber stripe zip when they came out in the US some time ago. Thanks!

Lululover said...

Nothing looks really exciting. Just waiting for CRB in grapefruit & Phistachio .

OT: I tried Jet Crop slim In black and Heatheted slate. They fit completely different. I really liked the black ones, they looked super cute especially. pulled up

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I bet the Sun Showers is going to look good on those with a wide, defined shoulder to carry the drape. I really like the concept.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a power purple and iris flower comparison? I'd love to see a photo of the two together. They look somewhat similar in tone in the pics and I'm trying to decide what I might *need* in iris flower!

Anonymous said...

I might be the minority, but I really love the look and style of the Sun Showers of my other favorites was the Enroute Jacket!! :)

Unknown said...

I was able to snag the iris flower swiftly tank at my local lulu last week :) I am in the states!

Anonymous said...

I want the cyber stripe in the US AGAIN. They sold out in minutes and weren't in stores near me.

Anonymous said...

Hi LLA - Do you know how grapefruit compares to very light flare? I saw the grapefruit Power Y in my local store today, and while it's a gorgeous summer color, it seems very similar to very light flare. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love my 2 Pleat to Street skirts from last year! They are great for running--completely unrestrictive! Also really like my Spring Breakaway shorts from last year--I wear them all the time when I need something that is casual and more modest in the summer. I don't like that particular print, but I have them in black (that I got on sale at the Lulu in Boston).

Anonymous said...

Anyone know why there were no new items on WMTM this week? In fact it seems to me they took half of the stuff that's been sitting on WMTM for weeks OFF the sale...


Anonymous said...

I bought the Iris Flower Swiftly Tank in my local store (Corte Madera, in N. CA) a week ago - beautiful. Love it. While I love the Bleacher Stripe White Iris Flower CRB, but agree w/ LLA I too will tire quickly, so I will pass on CRB. I did get the print in the bra and LOVE it!!! I'll need to see the inspire tights in person. To be honest, I'm no longer into the Inspire Crop II's. Have sold most of mine. I much prefer the Inspire Tight...very flattering the way the seams and mesh are done. Rain jacket way too maternity looking for me, but I agree, on the right body it might look very nice. I don't happen to have that body.

LLA do you think we will ever see the Silver Fox High Times in the US?

anon@12:00PM, I just compared my heathered iris flower s/s swiftly to my power purple CRB. Iris flower is more blue/less red than power purple. Personally, I prefer Iris flower for my coloring and hair. But the power purple is still a lovely purple. The pleat to street in the photo here looks like power purple...hopefully it's the lighting. I find the purple shades difficult to photograph. Hopefully LLA will do a side b side comparison of the two!

Anonymous said...

With the exception of the swiftly, zero interest in anything here. And sorry, don't need pants (purple version) that have stripes that don't line up. For over $100 they had better. The spring breakaway short in that pattern is awful. And right, maternity coat - they should just label it as such.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 4:34 pm - I did a post on the grapefruit swiftly here with very light flare - they're pretty close:

Anonymous said...

LLA -- You say that the Jet Crop Slim in Black and Heathered Slate fit completely differently. Can you explain what the differences are? Also, how do those fits compare to the rest of the Jet Crop Slims in luon on the website. Thanks!!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 11:31 am - I think I meant they fit differently compared to regular Jet crops since they have a much narrower leg. Sorry for misleading you.