Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Hong Kong Spoilers

New Wrap It Up tank, made of luxtreme and geared towards C/D ladies. The front reminds me a lot of my favorite Dance Twisted Tanks that I will never get rid of. I'm totally ordering this if we get it.

Sheer luon Straight Up Singlet in Jeweled Magenta

Miss Misty and Om Pants in Floral Sport Black Multi. The Miss Misty has this labeled First Descent Stripe Blue Moon but I think it's wrong.

Spring Breakaway Shorts in Floral Sport Multi and Pistachio.

Gator Green Ebb to Street Tank

Gator Green In the Flows.

Iris Flower Wunder Under Crops

Jazzy White Om Pants

Top Speed Crops in Floral Sport Multi. The backside is black.

Floral Sport Multi Wunder Under crops.

Denim Naval Blue Wunder Under Pants

Sweat 2 Swim in Floral Sport Multi

New Hot Times Skirt

The new Mesh Race to Win Hat in Grapefruit.

Sea Mist Cardio Squad Tank

What the Sport Short Sleeve


stylistadiva1 said...

Totally want that Wrap it up tank and the new runbeam hoodie colors! Hope Canada sees the Spring breakaway shorts too (we only got them in Jeweled Magenta last week - haven't spotted them in stores either).

Beth said...

I got the Hot times skirt.

Anonymous said...

Not much of this appeals to me other than the gator green items. These prints are not my style and neither is that first tank. It looks more like a matronly bathing suit top than anything else from the front.

Anonymous said...

Is the hot times skirt in the US site?
or is it sold v out already?


LuluAddict said...

@M - Hot Times skirt is not in North America yet.