Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Upload! Get it here.

lululemon jeweled-magenta-crb

lululemon poseidon-crb
The US got the Jeweled Magenta CRB and Canada got both JM and the Poseidon. I ordered the JM CRB.

lululemon refresh-maxi-dress

lululemon refresh-maxi-dress stripe

lululemon refresh-maxi-dress bordeaux
The US got the Refresh Maxi Dress this week. It will likely go fast so order first and think later.

lululemon ace-tank

lululemon ace-tank
Ace Tank. This looks kind of cute, if a little short, but I'll wait to try it at the store.

lululemon ace-skirt

lululemon ace-skirt

lululemon ace-dress
Ace Dress. I have to say I think all three pieces of the Ace line is the cutest tennis stuff out of lululemon I've seen in a long time.

lululemon clarity-dottie-dash run times

lululemon clarity-dottie-dash hotty-hot

lululemon clarity-dottie-dash speed shorts

lululemon clarity-dottie-dash tracker short
New Clarity Dottie Dash shorts in Run Times, Hotty Hot, Speeds, and Trackers. I saw these in person the other day and thought they were fug but I know people like Clarity a lot.

lululemon diamond-palm-speed

lululemon seamlessly street

lululemon seamlessly street
Very tempted to get the new Seamlessly Streets in both these colors, Canada only got the Gator, but will wait to try them at the store. I am really enjoying doing my shorter runs in my In the Flow crops.

lululemon all-you-need-shorts

lululemon all-you-need-shorts
Canada got comfy looking cotton terry All You Need Shorts

lululemon lullaby-in-flux

lululemon palm-party-high-times
Canada also got the Naval Palm Party High Times

lululemon train tought
Training Tough Tank. This seems like such a fall color to me.

lululemon superb-ls iris

lululemon superb-ls
New colors in the Superb LS. I love the Iris Flower and hope we'll see a CRB in it.

lululemon superb tank

lululemon superb-ss
Superb Tank and SS. The SS is kind of cute but I'm afraid it looks on the thin side. I'll wait to see this in the store.

lululemon adjustable-all-sport-bra-se
Canada got the new SE Adjustable All Sport Bra in Pretty Purple

lululemon peach straight-up bra

lululemon ace dot straight-up bra

New colors - Peach Fuzz and Ace Spot white - uploaded in the Straight Up bra.

lululemon peach all-you-need-duffel

lululemon palm-party all you need tight

lululemon all-sport-support-tank
White All Sport Support Tank. It's interesting to me that lululemon is bringing out plain black and plain white in more tanks and bras. They used to do that a long time ago and I think it's good they've gone back to the practice.

lululemon pow-crosscourt-petal race-to-win-hat
New print in the Race to Win hat - Pow Crosscourt Petal. I cannot resist this print, especially the Pow Pink version, so I ordered it. This print is different than the print Canada got last week, the Floral Backdrop Race to Win Hat

lululemon race-to-win-hat backdrop

lululemon deep-coal-grooves

lululemon naval blue grooves
Deep Coal and Naval Blue Roll Down Grooves

lululemon coal dottie-dash boogie shorts

White Miss Misty (CAN). I like the blingy gold hardware on this.

Did you get anything today?


Anonymous said...

Phew! Safe this week. Nothing that I "need" this week!

Anonymous said...

GRRR! Is the US EVER going to get the Poseidon Run Times shorts OR the Heathered Poseidon CRB? Those are the only things I've wanted in many many months... wallet totally safe.

Anonymous said...

This morning I compared my old heathered paris pink CRB to my new heathered jeweled magenta define jacket. In my opinion, the colors are too similar to justify purchasing the heathered jeweled magenta CRB. Nothing for me today.

Anonymous said...

The JM CRB for me too! Glad it hadn't sold out because I forgot about the upload until 30 min after.

C. Rene said...

I ordered the jeweled megenta CRB along with a few items from last weeks upload. UGH!!! Where's the Poseidon divine jacket!!!???

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that the Ace Dress doesn't have built-in shorts. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Not a new item, but I posted this on the page with the Spring break shorts, but wasn't sure if anyone would read an old post :)

Can I get some advice on the spring break shorts? I have a big behind/hips but a narrow waist. I find the tracker shorts fit great. I wear an 8-10 in the trackers (an 8 in my first pair- i think the originals, maybe tracker 2; but a 10 in the latest trackers). Can anyone suggest if I should try the 10's or size up to the 12's? I don't live close enough to a store to try them on.

Anonymous said...

I want Poseidon crb too!

Chezhire71 said...

Nadda for me, again. 3rd week in a row.
Sure like the Fringe Fighter that Canada got tonight in the Net Pop black/white print. I don't have one of these yet, and I've been waiting for a versatile black/white print that'll add some pizzazz to outfits in/out of the gym. I'll buy that if US side ever gets it.
I'll be ready to pounce on that Pistachio CRB that the UK got, too, if it ever uploads to the US side! Pretty please, Lululemon!

purrfiktangil said...

Snagged the black and white stripe refresh maxi dress to try, bc I figured if I waited it would be too late. I did really, really, really want the floral backdrop race to win hat that Canada got last week, but alas it was a no show this week for us in the US :( Perhaps next week.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone with wider hips tried the ace skirt? I'm wondering about the band at the back - is it flattering or does it emphasize width? I love the look of it online, but have a felling it will either be awesome or terrible, no in between! And I don't live close enough to try on in store.

Shannon Bayley said...

I've been in between sizes lately, not sure if it's from my gains or the new materials, but because of that I picked up a 4 and 6 in the JM CRB, the Bordeaux Refresh Maxi and I just got some FOMO so I went back and got both sizes in the black and white striped Maxi too. Expensive week for me but I know I'll be returning half of it. :)

Anonymous said...

I ordered the Lullaby In Flux Jacket as well as the Diagonal Striped Lullaby Long Sleeve Swiftly that I've had my eyes on. I'm still thinking about the Roll Down Groove Pants in both the Deep Coal/Coal Spots print and the Black/Lullaby Spots print. I also still kind of want the Breezie Regal Plum and Black print Wunder Under Crops that have been around for a few weeks now, hmmm.

What are everyone's thoughts on sizing for the In Flux Jackets? Do most of you size up or stay with your usual size? I don't normally size up, but I did for the other In Flux Jackets that I have,as well as the one I just ordered, but now wondering if I should have stuck with my usual size. They seem to fit ok in my size up although kind of longer than I'd like and a little looser in the waist. If it wasn't for wearing 32E TaTaTamer I would have just stayed with my usual size I think. Has anyone found theirs to stretch out a bit with wear? I haven't even had a chance to wear the ones I have yet so I don't know if they stretch out with wear or not yet.

Anonymous said...

Love the Poseidon Run Times! But makes me want more run times in more colors and fun prints.

Nothing for me but wanting to try the ace tank as a running tank. I'm short. Might work.

OHBabbs said...

I did the same and completely agree. I didn't buy JM either.

Anonymous said...

Heathered jewelled magenta crb for me! Love that colour!

Anonymous said...

Just the Jewelled Magenta CRB for me. I really hope that the Poseidon Define and CRB load to the US side next week!

Lululover said...

I got 2 Maxi dresses, in gray and black & white to try . And I'm sure I will keep one of them

Unknown said...

I too love the look of the new Ace Line and agree with LLA the black looks best ..I am hoping to be able to try the ace line in person so I didn't order..As for the Maxi dress, looks super cute on most of the girls photographed and is intriguing but being that I have hips I feel this style will be unflattering on my shape so I will hope that my store gets it in so I can try on there. Nothing for me but also loving the new printed hat that you ordered LLA..How does that hat compare to the SUP?

Crystal said...

Just the jeweled magenta CRB for me today. I'm thinking about picking up one of the 'Sup hats but I'll wait to see if anything good hits WMTM on Thursday before I buy more full priced stuff. I'm hoping to see the Devi Crew Sweaters on WMTM soon.

Anonymous said...

I also sized up for the In Flux jacket and never regretted it. I've also been wearing mine quite a bit, washed it at least 6-7 times and it didn't stretch out. when I bought it the ed said that a lot of people size up for this jacket

LuluAddict said...

@ lulu - the Race to Win hat is made of swift so should be a lot lighter than the 'Sup hat. I can also toss it in the wash, judging by my other swift run hats. I use my What 'Sup for casual stuff - theme parks, ball games, watching my son play soccer/run track meets.

Alin said...

I love the Lullaby color on the In Flux jacket. But those arms are super long on the model. I wonder why they styled her that way. Anyone who has or tried on an In Flux, are the arms crazy long?

Anonymous said...

I ordered the JM CRB this morning at 7 am east coast time and it was available in all sizes. This will be my first pink CRB so I'm excited. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi ladies - nothing for me but I'm curious about the maxi dress, does it show panty lines? And did I miss the thin blue and white striped version?

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 5:21 - tennis dresses never have built in shorts. How would you get it on? They are always separate. Sometimes they are included with the dress (like adidas stella mccartney), othertimes you buy a short or use one you already have. Or use leggings (you sometimes see the pros do this if it is cold out).

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:41 PM - Thanks for your comments on the In Flux Jacket! I'm sure I've made the right decision now. :)

Alin - I'm 5'2" and I find the In Flux Jacket a bit long in both the body and arms, but not enough to make it look bad, it still looks good even a bit longish. When not using the thumbhole cuffs as handwarmers it looks best if they're turned up/folded in half, it looks like they aren't folded on the jacket the model is wearing, it makes a big difference in appearance I think. Just an extra note on length, my regular size 4 was a better length for me but a bit tighter than I liked over my bust, so I went with the size 6 which is longer than I'd like but a better fit over my bust, I had to choose the lesser of the two evils!

Anonymous said...

We just saw the run times last week - keep heart it might be soon!

Samantha said...

@5:22PM - Not sure if you'll see this since this post is kinda buried now, but i hope you see it :) I tried on the magenta spring break shorts, and I wasn't in love. I tried on my normal size 6, and while they weren't that bad, they were a tad snug in my butt. I have a bubble butt, but not really wide hips, with a trim waist. Sizing up to an 8 would cause the waist to fit too loose. I guess I could always cinch it smaller, but it would be a lot of fabric to cinch. So if you're hippy with a booty, I would pass on these. I think they're meant for girls with fewer curves :( Plus the pleats add bulk, not a fan.

Anonymous said...

6:52 I wish I had your troubles.


Unknown said...

Hello :) does anyone know if the all you need shorts fit TTS?