Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Upload! Get it here. Pics and comments to follow...

lululemon-tracker-short pigment-wave-multi
US - get them now - Pigment Wave Multi Trackers. I recommend ordering a couple of pairs so you can choose placement, that is, if returning is not too big a hassle for you.

Hello, my Beauty. I ordered the Jeweled Magenta Energy bra. (US - Canada got this last week.)

Very Light Flare Straight Up Tank. Not Grapefruit so I'll wait to see this in the store.

The new Ace Dot colors of the All Sport Support Tank were uploaded. I tried this one on today and found the bra band a bit more stretchy than the earlier versions I tried on. I was sorely tempted to get it since I like the Ace Dot print a lot but I left it at the store. It'll be on my markdown watch list.


The US finally got new Love Tee colors.

Jeweled Magenta Liberty Shorts (US)

Art Pop Multi Inspires. I was tempted to order these but I'll wait to try them on in the store.

 Blue Denim Studio Pants. 


Jeweled Magenta/Peach Swiftly SS Update - As I got ready for bed last night it struck me that I forgot to write about  why I didn't leave the store with this yesterday- this color was a bit see through - I could see my dark bra through the material. I also thought this top ran snug compared to my Regal Plum SS Swiftly in the same size.

Free to Be Wild Peach Fuzz

lululemon-high itimes




Canada got four colors in the Refresh Maxi Dress.




lululemon-lullaby-swiftly s
Lullaby Swiftly SS. I'm tempted to order this.

lululemon-lullaby-swiftly ls


New color in the Salty Racer Top (CAN)


Superb LS (CAN)

Superb Tank - I kind of like the graphic. (CAN)


lululemon om pant

lululemon om for all bag

Just the Jeweled Magenta Energy Bra and a pair of the Pigment Wave Multi Tracker shorts for me. I bought a pair at the store but I'd like another pair to see if I can get better pattern placement.  No Poseidon CRB or Define. Did you get anything today?


Anonymous said...

nothing, nada, zich, rien...ugh! Disappointing upload for me. Took about two seconds to scan thru. I may head back for the black Om Pant and the heathered slate High Times pant...nothing for now.

Anonymous said...

Am I correct that the trim color on the Art Pop Multi Inspires is Lullaby?

Anonymous said...

My wallet is safe.... Not interested in anything. I want some solid colors in love tee.

Anonymous said...

Nada this week. Thank goodness for a lousey upload! I'm broke! If that solid JM came in a FTBW, I'd've snagged that. Energy is too big for my frame.

Amy said...

If anyone is willing to angel from the UK to the U.S. Please let me know! Thanks! jewls147@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Just the pigment wave Trackers...I've been waiting for them to show up.

I was checking out the denim blue studio pants, but they look a little too much like scrubs to me in that color.

I'm contemplating the heathered lullaby scuba that uploaded last week. My store didn't get it, so I may have to just order it. If anyone has it, what do you think?

Anonymous said...

Another lame upload. The lack of CRBs is really disappointing.

OHBabbs said...

Got the Be Free Runsie in both colors. Last summers Runsie was so comfortable to wear to Disney World. It was 85° sticky hot the fabric & open back allowed for ventilation and the floral pattern hid any sweat. I got many compliments.

Lululover said...

Nothing for me, pretty boring upload IMO. Which is ok cause my bank account needs a break

Amanda said...

I ordered the JM energy bra, om pants and heathered slate high times. I can't resist the heathered materials. I'm so obsessed with my heathered grooves and want all pants in that material.

LuluAddict said...

@Amanda - agreed - I love my heathered black groove pants.

Anonymous said...

I bought a couple pairs of the multi pigment trackers a few weeks ago (CAN). And here I am, past the return deadline with the said two pairs of trackers. Funny you should mention 'if it's not too big a hassle to return.' I never thought it was but that darn two week return policy! I've 'lost' more through that then through WMTM fails. Ergh!

Super excited for the poseidon run times I ordered tonight though. They will be keepers for sure!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 5:15 pm - you might want to try and see if they'll take them back. It's a fairly popular print.

Anonymous said...

Boring... I got a couple of Love Tees and that's it.

FYI - I always return items past the two week time period. All the gals that work at my store are super nice and know me from shopping there all the time.

Anonymous said...

they have loosened up on return policy - I return WMTM and new items a month or two after I bought it and they have never said anything. Mind you I am usually buying something else at the time, so maybe processing a sale helps. Not sure what the big deal is, the stuff sells especially if someone has been hunting for a particular item. I returned a pleat to street skirt in black from the Fall, just about a month ago and no questions asked! Im sure I made someone happy because they didnt have them in stores until just recently.

Crystal said...

Bought the Summer Lovin' bag in the palm print. I do swim lessons with both kids and we travel to Santa Cruz at least once a week, I'm super excited about this bag and LOVE the print. Also picked up the Perf shirt, Noir jacket, Mesh With Me tank, Trail Bound tights and Surf to Sand One Piece swimsuit yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Om pants in black!

Anonymous said...

I'd been hoping for the heathered Magenta CRB but no luck!

Oh well, I really don't need to buy something EVERY week!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the input!! I think it's almost been a month but I'm going try to make the return :)

Anonymous said...

I'm getting really tired of there not being ANY fun CRB colors uploaded in the US. I've been tempted to have Sea Mist and Heathered Magenta shipped to my friend in Germany, but the cost is higher :/ Not sure why Europe is getting the fun colors and we aren't.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 7:48 pm - the Sea Mist CRB is in US stores now. I saw it today. If you are in the US, call a store and they will ship to you for free. My store in the Newport Beach, CA one.

Anonymous said...

Are the heather poseidon CRB and Define ever going to make it to US? I've been waiting anxiously and still nothing. It seems like lululemon would make more money if they would just allow customers to order from any country. I would pay for shipping to be able to buy certain items and I know I'm not alone in saying that. It is the World Wide Web right? Why can they ship an item to Australia or the UK but not to the US or Canada?

Chezhire71 said...

Nada, again.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 8:44 pm - I know. I don't get it. Is it quicker to ship to the UK/Europe from China than to the US/Can? It almost seems a tie to me. I get Australia getting things earlier because they're much closer to the factories but the Europe thing puzzles me.

Amy said...

I picked up the black and white pattern Love Tee. I added black jet crop slim (not new) because i tried them on in a store and think they'll be useful and look good with the tee. I couldn't find the Lullaby LS Swifly on the US site--did it sell out?

Anonymous said...

Did I miss out on the art pop inspires in Canada? Or did we not get those?

Anonymous said...

What you can return WMTM items? ???? That was the most interesting finding of the entire upload. It was a snoozfest for sure. I would love to see some tops in Electric Coral.

Anonymous said...

Tempted by the black Om Pants but passing for now... They might be a little too omm-y..

Has anyone tried on the slim jet crops? Wondering if they have the same drop crotch issues as the regular Jets? And whether they are fitting TTS? (The regulars were definitely a size down for me.)

Anonymous said...

I ordered a plain white Energy Bra which I'm actually very excited about trying, but what I found most fascinating is that on Monday I was going to order the 50 Rep bra until I found that it was online only and final sale which didn't make ANY sense to me so I left it. I inquired about it through the online chat in which the person confirmed that was the case so I thought I better get to a store to check out best bra sizing (practically all my gear is LLL except my bras). However, as of yesterday, I noticed that they are no longer final sale!! They even added a blurb that says "Getting the right bra fit is important If you don't love the fit send it back." So, yay! I ordered one (opted for the energy bra instead of 50 rep for more support)!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 6:36 am - The slim Jet crops fit TTS imo. They are a lot narrower cut through the leg. I don't think the crotch was nearly as baggy.

@ anon 6:49am - All the bras are supposed to be returnable if you buy them off the full price section.

Anonymous said...

ANGELS FROM CANADA: If anyone in Canada is willing to angel me an item, I would be so grateful.

My email address is katherine.hunter@yale.edu.

THANKS in advance, Kate

Anonymous said...

Having worked for lulu in the past, we are able to override the 2 week return policy on a case by case. So just have a good story :)

Ugh, I too am waiting for the Poseidon Define. So frustrating.

Unknown said...

As for the return policy, they have become much more relaxed and as long as you have the tags all attached including the rip out tag you should be fine. I have also seen them take back WMTM items if it's a fit issue and as for quality issues they usually always take back as long as it's a legitimate issue.

Amy said...

Dear Anonymous at May 20, 2015 at 6:36 AM--I agree with Luluaddict. They don't seem to have the same drop-crotch problem and are not as baggy in the legs. And yes, TTS.

Katrina said...

I got two love tees and the JM energy bra. I love those love tees to the moon and back, seriously. I really want the Runsie, but I would really like to stay married more. ;)