Tuesday, May 5, 2015

UK Spoilers - Massive Upload!

Heathered Poseidon Blue Define. My credit card is going to be on fire this month.

Jeweled Magenta Define - already in US stores.

Interesting new bra called the Splendour aimed at C/D ladies. The straps are weird but I want to give it a try.

New All You Need Bra in Jeweled Magenta. This is cute, too. Aimed at B/C ladies.

New All Sport Crop in new Palm Party Naval Blue Black.

The new Jacquard Wunder Under Crops that are out in Canada.

Stuff Your Bra in Palm Party, Ace Dot Lullaby, and Clarity Yellow. 

New Om Pant in Mini Art Pop White print.

The new floral print is called Cross Court Petal Black Clarity.

Inspires in Dashing Plum.

Inspires in funky Art Pop Multi

Dottie Dash Fatigue Inspires. These are already in stores.

Scoop Neck Swiftly in Heathered - no stripes - Jeweled Magenta. I might have to get this version.

Heathered Lullaby Swiftly SS

Heathered Poseidon Cool Racerback

Warpstream Long Story Shorts - already in Canada. These look nice for golf.

New White and Dottie Dash Miss Mistys. Please, can we get another windbreaker style already?

Jeweled Magenta Speed Shorts

Run Times in Ace Spot Lullaby

Pretty Purple Trackers

Gator Green What the Sport Tee

Jeweled Magenta On the Daily Hoodie

Blue Denim Iconic Wrap

New Energy bras in Cross Court Petal, Ace Spot Lullaby, and Jeweled Magenta. -  Argh, that JM Energy is beautiful and solid colored.

New Free to Be Wilds in Ace Spot Lullaby, Peach Fuzz/Dottie Dash/Ace Spot, and Heathered Jeweled Magenta.

Tear Away Pant in Dottie Dash


Anonymous said...

What the heck is with that splendour bra!!??? Us larger cheated ladies look for good bras to avoid the whole "bra with a sports bra ontop" look & feel... Why would I want a sportsbra that makes it look like I'm wearing 2 bras when I'm not!

LuluAddict said...

We obviously need lots of scaffolding to support our yabbos. :P

macfrannie said...

I see more chaffing potential with all those straps. Ugh.

MB. said...

Woah. Mass upload is right.

IMO LL has been doing really well on product side lately. It's not ALL fire, but there's definitely some strong pieces, and quality pieces, too (but also not for all of them)...

That golf short looks see through with the pockets.

Anonymous said...

My store had a lots of new items and I came home with the pedal pace tanks (black and white). $64 but sooooo sexy and comfy.

Unknown said...

Heathered Poseidon Blue Define - omg

Anonymous said...

do the pedal tanks have built in bras?
as a daily spinner for some reason I avoid anything other than bottoms aimed at spinners.... feel like im being peddled to.... but yeah that tank is damn cute

Anonymous said...

Aargh, couldn't they have made at least one of the poseidon blue tops solid instead of heathered??? I'm not into heathered stuff; it feels, I don't know, dated or something. And the feedback that the heathered material is thin and silky feeling only repels me even more. I was so hopeful that there would be a solid PB CRB.

Anonymous said...

I guess I am in the minority but my wallet is safe this week. The only thing that has grabbed my attention recently were the pigment wave pants, but after visiting 3 stores I couldn't find a pair that didn't look like period pants. So, no new Lulu for me for like a month now. I think I will take this opportunity to stock up on staples that I need but always fall to the bottom of the priority list like Lulu socks and undies.

Anonymous said...

I do love the Poseidon Blue!

Anonymous said...

I am a 32G and I've just given up on Lulu bras. They are completely ignoring a huge portion of their target market!

LuluAddict said...

I know. They could stand to cater to bustier women, especially women with thin waists and large breasts.

k said...

anon 12:14pm totally agree... the heather effect just looks kind of cheap to me, even on lulu

TheFit.co said...

I really like the palm party print, if it's luxtreme and not 88% poly.

OttawaLuluLover said...

Tried the straight up & all you need bras in-store today... both were ok, but nothing spectacular (other than the magenta color). The elastic bands always fall into the fleshiest parts for me.. I don't know if it's just me, or if other ladies have this issue too. I'm usually a 10 (36 A/B Cup).
Also tried the new Jacquard WUC - very thick (so fewer transparency issues), but they don't have much give to them. Ended up feeling like a sausage. Love the colors on it though.. you can wear it with so many tops =)

Wish the US & Canadian upload was a bit closer to the UK upload.. I really want that magenta on the daily hoodie!!

Anonymous said...

Would be in the group that finds majority of items unappealing here. Love the Jacquard WUs and the Heathered Poseidon CRB. The All You Need Bra has potential (am small busted, light support).

While I would love a solid Poseidon CRB (and an Alberta Lake one - sorry, broken record), I disagree with the opinions that heathered looks old or is always thin and silky. All heathered CRBs are not the same. Have Heathered Angel Blue from a few years ago: is thinner and silky and I love it. Have Heathered Deep Coal from this past winter: this one sky rocketed to the top of my list to wear. It's thick and SO soft and is classic. I have other heathered CRBs from many years ago (forget colour names) and they are still among my favourites. I know there was a light blue heathered CRB out not too long ago that I examined and didn't care for. And solid rich earth was awful (wanted a deep brown but was an easy decision to return)! So all I am saying is that not all heathered or solid CRB versions are the same. If you're just not into heathered I get it. I myself am picky about striped items and they generally don't have a lot of draw for me. One exception (on stripes) for me was
the rulu Race Your Pace l/s in triplet twin stripe berry yum yum heathered slate.

As always thanks for all the info and images LLA!