Friday, May 22, 2015

Straight Up Tank Compared to Studio Racerback and Cool Racerback

The new Straight Up Tank is made in the US! I wonder where the factory is. 

Comparison to the Studio Racerback. I wasn't sure the best way to compare length - this version has the armpits lined up.

This version has the top of the straps lined up.

Straight Up Tank compared to the same size CRB.

The best way to compare is by objective measurement. I made two length and two width measurements. These are all size twelve tanks:

Though I could have sworn the Straight Up was longer than the SRB when I tried it on, it turns out it's actually a little shorter. It definitely has the most generous fit of the three tanks and is especially good for women with large busts. The neckline is fairly high - it's made to go over a Ta Ta Tamer - and didn't show any cleavage on me when standing upright (I'm a 36DD) and minimal cleavage when bent over.  I would recommend getting your Cool Racerback size in this tank. I bought the black one because I can always use a nice basic black top like this. My only nit with this tank is that it uses the regular reflective logo and I'd much prefer they use the tone-on-tone logo and put it at the bottom hem instead of in the middle of the back. If you are looking for a basic tank with a bit more coverage and/or are very busty, you might want to check this top out.


Anonymous said...

I don't know why everything coming out is so short and boxy. Wasn't interested in the SRB, definitely not interested in this one. I am a 32DD with a long torso and I'll stick with my CRBs.

MM8 said...

Agree!! Why is everything so short these days? Bring back the XL CRB's!!

Anonymous said...

I wear a 32E TaTaTamer, maybe this tank could work out for me. I don't have much luck with the tanks and bras. The TaTaTamer 32E is the only bra that works and there are never any tanks that work well with it. I usually just wear Swiftly short sleeves and long sleeves because of this. It would be great to have more choice in tanks for those of us who can only wear TaTaTamers, especially those with small band size/larger cup size combo. The funny thing is, I don't really consider my boobs to be that big really! I guess it's just a strange combo of having smaller frame with a bit bigger than average for a small frame size boobs.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you as well 1:34 I have a small frame and am 34D. The tata tamer and the all sport bra as well as the stuff your bra a re the only high impact activity bras that I can wear.
The CRB doesn't work for me as it is too long. I didn't quite like the fabric on the straight up otherwise I would get it to go with my tata tamers.