Thursday, May 7, 2015

Run for Gold Tank, Exquisite II Tank, and More

lululemon-exquisite-tank diamond-jacquard-high-times

lululemon-exquisite-tank diamond-jacquard-high-times


lululemon-exquisite-tank diamond-jacquard-high-times
Lullaby Exquisite II Tank with the Diamond Jacquard High Times pant (I assume since these are from a US store) and the Pigment Wave High Times.

lululemon-run-for-gold-tank diamond-jacquard-high-times





Anonymous said...

has anyone had issues with receiving Pedal Pace Crops in star crushed black? I ordered mine on Tue night in 8, but got a shipping note this morning stating that they are not available, yet they still show as available on the

Anonymous said...

anon@12:45pm I got the PPC in star crushed silver fox/navy Tues night. Did not get any sign of problem with that colorway. I just saw them online too. Better give them a call. I wonder what's up.

Unknown said...

I tried the exquisite tank on tonight in Lullaby..Love the color and parts of the tank but would have preferred no cut-outs on the sides!
Also tried the Pedal Pace crop in my TTS, and size uo..the cuff of the crop is beyond super tight..could not pull them up in my TTS but in my size up got them on (I have fairly small calves) and the cuff was still uncomfortable around the upper part of my calf. Has anyone else tried them..I was bummed as they are super cute..they also don't have a chamois in the seat like the shorts do :(