Thursday, May 21, 2015

New What We Love

lululemon cool racerback
Yay! The Heathered Jeweled Magenta CRB is coming next week. I wonder if the Heathered Poseidon will also show up.

lululemon-seamlessly-street gator-green

Seamlessly Street crops are back. I really like them in the Gator Green, I hope In the Flows will come in this color, too. I am getting into wearing my In The Flows - they're very supportive and breathable - lately.

These are cute. I want to give them a try though I suspect they'll be high poly and on the warm side.

lululemon-superb-ls iris-flower
 Love this color but I'd prefer technical stuff in it.


New version of the Adjustable All Sport Bra. I wonder how supportive it will be compared to the previous version. The other version with the wide straps has a big 1" piece of elastic in it.




New tennis items - I'm shocked to see Lullure fabric back (in the dress). It was used years ago. I never could tell what the difference between Lullure and Luxtreme was - both are silky soft.


Anonymous said...

Anyone think *fun* prints similar to PWM might be coming? I just bought Inspires and Tracker shorts in the PW print. Tempted to go back for another item or two, but would prefer something slightly different.

Unknown said...

LLA what do you like about the In The Flows vs the Seamlessly Street Crop? I have some of the seamlessly street crops from last year and really like them but have never gravitated toward the In The Flows..I know the ITF are shorter and I'm 5'8" so maybe that's why but I'd love to get your thoughts.
Also it is funny to see them resurrect the Lullure fabric..I have a lot of pieces made from this material even pre 2010 ..I feel maybe it's a tad silkier than luxtreme and not as compressive.

LuluAddict said...

@ lulu - I like that they are shorter. I did like the Seamlessly Street crop when I tried them on but found them as long as WUCs. The ITFs are nice and short for summer. They end up bunched around my knees but I don't mind. I found them surprisingly breathable for my indoor run today.

I think you are right about lullure - even silkier than luxtreme.

Unknown said...

@LLA Totally off topic but I wondered if you kept your run Inspire crop in the mini brushed animal black/white/black..thought I saw you got those..anyway I bought them too but haven't pulled the tags off..I'm finding different prints in the inspire crop fit very differently in certain areas and I wore these around one morning thinking I'd take the tag off but in the end I was uncomfortable in them so I think they are going back..Then I also saw them on markdown on the Canadian site on WMTM Thoughts?

Lululover said...

Really wish Palm Party HT would be uploaded to the U.S. side as well specifically in Gator

LuluAddict said...

@lulu - I did keep the Brushed Animal Inspires. The material in these feel a little different than the typical fullux Inspires - it seems thinner but a bit harsher and not as stretchy. They also make a noise when I walk, lol. I haven't worked them into my rotation yet but I plan on wearing them soon.

Abby said...

Yay!! A tennis capsule! Of course, right after I bought a pacesetter off lulu exchange, but better late than never!

Rise and Shine said...

I love the Seamlessly Street Crops and I love the look of Gator Green. (Hopefully, the real thing will look like it does in pictures.) I tried on In the Flow Crops and really disliked them. The shorter length was unflattering on me (I'm 5'9") and the back of the knee bunching seemed like it would be really uncomfortable.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who already got the heathered jewelled magenta define jacket thinking of buying the crb in the same print? Or is that too much? ;) I might have also purchased the hjm free to be wild bra...I just love it so much! :)

Anonymous said...

I found out that heathered jewelled magenta has a different brightness depending on the garment. The ftbw bra is a much lighter pink than the define jacket and the flow y bra. The hjm crb looks like a darker version.

Anonymous said...

I saw the ftbw in heathered magenta and it is quite a light pink. Not what I expected. Not vibrant like the crops that are out. I am wondering if crb will be light too. Hope it's more intense than the bra. My ed told me that some stores in toronto have the ace line already. I haven't seen any pics of store staff modelling it so wondering if she was wrong.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 10:06 am - The CRB looks darker from the photo. I think they screwed up the color on that bra. Different materials take dye differently but not that much.