Thursday, May 14, 2015

New What We Love

 We saw these hit the foreign sites earlier this week.
lululemon-free-to-be-wild jeweled-magenta
 This FTBW is in US stores now.
 This tank has yet to hit US stores.

This print makes these look like pajama pants. 

More tencel. This looks like a fast turnaround item to me.


I really like this basic but cute maxi dress but what do you do if you aren't 5'10" like the models? Let it drag?
lululemon inspire-crop art-pop
I'm hoping this photo means all those wild print bottoms the UK and HK got are hitting North America next week.

My wallet is safe from all these items. I'm hoping we'll see the Poseidon CRB and Define next week.


Anonymous said...

Yikes... those pants look more like clown pants than pajamas! What an awful print. :(

Katrina said...

I'm 5'8 and the refresh maxi is great.... Doesn't drag on the floor at all. I adore it!

Kuzmonots said...

I hope you can hem the maxi dress for petite people like me.

Lululover said...

I'm 5'3 and really liking maxi dress, but you are right LLA, it'll be dragging on the floor

LuluAddict said...

I'm 5'5" but I find maxi dresses too long. Even Athleta's are super long on me.

Anonymous said...

I'm 5'3" and bought the striped refresh maxi dress thinking it would surely need hemmed but actually found it to be the perfect length! It's longer on me than on the model, but doesn't touch the floor when I'm barefoot. And I can NEVER wear maxi dresses because they are always too long. If the solid one makes it to the U.S. it will be mine!

Deezee007 said...

I'm 5'11 and purchased the hyper stripe navy version and returned it. As an avid lover of the Refresher Racer Back dresses, this one was just too thin so unless you are like the models showed ever lump and bump. I also found it to be too short. I don't like to see my feet with maxis and this one came to the top of my shoes.

Anonymous said...

Free Hemming. That is all.

Shannon Bayley said...

I'm looking for a Canada angel to get that Refresh Maxi for me, I love my hyperstripe one! sf.bayley gmail! :)

Anonymous said...

Nothing. Nothing at all for me here.

Anonymous said...

Katelin said in the What We Love comments that the maxi dress should be hem-able, so us shorter gals can just do that.

Anonymous said...

I bought the refresh maxi dress a few weeks ago when it was returned to our store. I'm 5'3 and the four fit me perfect with no drag!

Anonymous said...

i'm 5'4 and the maxi is a perfect length for me