Monday, May 25, 2015

Ace Dress, Jeweled Magenta CRB, All You Need Tight, and More



lululemon-ace-tennis-dress white
New Ace Tennis dress with What the Sport Shorts underneath. (From a US store.)

lululemon-jeweled-magenta cool-racerback

lululemon-poseidon cool-racerback
Jeweled Magenta and Poseidon Cool Racerbacks have hit Canadian stores. So have the new Maxi dresses. (Thanks to Ms. R. for the photo.)

lululemon-all-you-need-tight scratch-match

lululemon-all-you-need-tight scratch-match

lululemon-all-you-need-tight scratch-match

lululemon-all-you-need-tight scratch-match
Scratch Match All You Need Tight

lululemon-straight-up-tank city-skirt



The new Superb Tank (thanks to Ms. R. for the photo).

The new Floral Backdrop Multi Race to Win run hat (thanks to Ms. R. for the photo).



Anonymous said...

LLA, do you know if that long sleeve Swiftly is new? It looks like Space Dye Lullaby? I'd love to get that one if it's new, I've had my eyes on the new Diagonal Stripe Lullaby Long Sleeve Swiftly but not sure how I feel about the stripes so I've been holding out. The Lullaby colour is a new favourite of mine, would love to add some more to my wardrobe!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 1:40 pm - I was wondering the same thing myself about that swiftly. It looks like space dye lullaby to me, too, but the only new one is the diagonal strip one. I think it might be an older swiftly, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Do you know what scarf she's wearing? I love that scarf!!

Anonymous said...

I have the rugby stripe lullaby from this past winter - it definitely is not that one. OT but does the straight up tank not make the model's back look wide and her shoulders look rolled? Too bad my stores have cleared out SRBs - I liked the style!

Unknown said...

I tried on the All You Need tight the other day and didn't love them..they were a compressive TTS but on the shiny side..I feel like more and more of the latest Luxtreme is shiny..Is anyone else finding the same?

Lululover said...

I heard that those CRB are not thick & cottony but more silky & Luxtreme-ish like Jeweled Magenta Define. if that's the case I'll have to pass , those are not my favorite :(

Laura said...

The space dye is from last year

LuluAddict said...

@ Laura - thanks! That's what I was afraid of.

@anon 2:10 pm - the Warrior scarf.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I am new to this and was wondering how I reach out or find an angel! I am dying to have the Runaway Retreat Duffle in slate, but they are sold out everywhere :(. I was able to locate a store that had many in stock but it is in Canada and they don't ship to the US.. anyone able to help me out? Thanks xx

Karin said...

I went to my local store yesterday as they were advertising lots of markdowns. True to form, the markdowns were a letdown in general, but I didn't leave empty-handed.

I got the Summer Lovin' Tote in black which I have been wanting since it came out. I also got a Jeweled Magenta Energy bra and an Iridescent Multi bra (on sale), and a regal plum CRB. EEK! This was way more than I thought that I would spend when I went in.

I tried on the Run For Days crops and they are on my list if they go to markdown, but I wasn't so into them to pay full price.

I was super excited about the heathered jeweled magenta CRB, but I don't really love the material of the heathered CRBs so I think that I will try to pass.