Monday, April 27, 2015

Pigment Wave Multi and Iridescent Multi Inspires in US Stores; Canada Got Pigment Wave Multi High Times Pants

lululemon-inspire-crops iridescent-multi pigment-wave-multi

lululemon-inspire-crops iridescent-multi pigment-wave-multi
The Pigment Wave Multi (white background) and Iridescent Multi Inspires are hitting US stores. I think I need both of these. ;-) At the very least, I want to try them on.

lululemon-inspire-crops iridescent-multi

lululemon-inspire-crops-iridescent-multi pigment-wave-multi

lululemon-inspire-crops pigment-wave-multi

lululemon-inspire-crops  pigment-wave-multi

lululemon-bleached-coral-swiftly pigment-wave-multi-inspires
Bleached Coral Swiftly and Pigment Wave Multi Inspires

lululemon-inspire-crops-pigment-wave-multiPigment Wave Multi Inspires and All Sport Support Tank. I finally got to try this on and you guys were right, it runs tight. The bra band has like no stretch in it and there is very little bra material so if you are over a C cup you are going to squish out of it. It's a bummer because I really like the circle mesh material. Lots of people have been saying to size up in this tank.

lululemon-high-times-pant pigment-wave-multi

lululemon-high-times-pant pigment-wave-multi the-sweater

lululemon-high-times-pant pigment-wave-multi the-vest

Meanwhile, Canadian stores are getting the Pigment Wave Multi High Times Pants. Shown with the new The Vest sweater.


Anonymous said...

i honestly have no words on the design lulu's been having... i may have to switch to nike now.

OHBabbs said...

The Pigment Wave High Times look funny. Too much white mesh washes out the front, hardly any pigment wave pattern seen. Like the look of the Pigment Wave Inspires better.

Anonymous said...

Love the iridescent inspire crops. Those colors will go with so many gorgeous colors and are perfect for spring.

Anonymous said...

I am not interested in any of these crops. I do like the Pigment Wave Multi in a Speed Short and will try to get them in Canada (store or upload)

On the Pigment Wave Multi print - I think some people have commented that the print is not saturated enough or whatever in person (Tracker shorts being the example). I saw them in person and the print is fine for the short. I would understand the disappointment if it stretches out on a crop and whitens the coloured part too much which can happen with prints.

Lululover said...

OhBabs: me too, I was going to order HT first , but looked closely and noticed that there's too much going on there. Wish lulu would make plain WUC or Ht not HT tech in this pattern!

Anonymous said...

I really like the pigment wave pattern, but for me, I'd only wear it in shorts or a sports bra, not crops or tights. It looks great with bleached coral, and seems like it would go with a variety of tops.

I bought two of the all sport support tanks, and found my usual built-in-bra tank size 6 to work fine. I'm a 34D and did not spill out of the bra, or find it too tight. Going up to an 8 would've meant way too much material in the top part of it. I do wear an 8 in lulu sports bras, but not in tanks. Oh, and I ran in one of my new tanks, and found it to be comfortable and supportive.

StefGio said...

These look pretty awesome to me!
Any idea if they are luon or luxtreme luluaddict?

Anonymous said...

Bless you LLA!

Went to my local lulu as soon as I saw this post. They just got the inspire crops today. Not sure if they were even on the floor. The terrific team gladly brought all the size 6's out so I could pick my preferred pattern. I got both the irridescent multi and the pigment multi inspires.

I think I'm off the high times pigment multi, which I orginally wanted. I may get the speed tights and return the inspire crops. Will have to see the speeds. Where are they???

The past 10 days has cost me a fortune.

Anonymous said...

I love the pigment multi print... So dreamy! the high times is my fave pant so I cant wait to get these

LuluAddict said...

@StefGio - these are full on luxtreme, so the extra thick version of luxtreme

Unknown said...

I too got to try on both inspires at my local Lulu and purchased the iridescent ..I personally like them better. the pigment multi is very nice and I have it in the sculpt tank. As for the inspires in the pattern..I really didn't care for the dark black at the calf against the faded out black in the pattern..I don't know, it just didn't work for me. Looking at the pictures here I like them better than I liked them on me , LOL

Anonymous said...

I love the multi pattern on the inspires, I already have the speed shorts which I love and the all sport bra. Can't wait to get my hands on the inspire crops. I guess I am one of the few who loves this pattern in running crops and tights.