Monday, April 13, 2015

Australian Spoilers

lululemon-all-sport-bra iridescent-multi
Iridescent Multi Adjustable All Sport Bra

Only a few brand new items we haven't seen preview elsewhere this week.

Iridescent Multi Fringe Fighter Headband

lululemon runaway-retreat-duffel
Slate/Minty Gray Runaway Retreat Duffel


Anonymous said...

The retreat duffel is a beauty...anyone have a previous version of this bag? Is it sturdy enough for gym use or is more a weekender bag?

Anonymous said...

Although the Slate/Minty Gray Runaway Retreat Duffel is very good looking colour combo-wise, it is not practical for my needs so I will not buy it.

Unknown said...

Why does the US not get any handbags :( I'm upset. Canada has all the good ones