Sunday, February 1, 2015

Vintage Pink Pace Pusher LS, Rain On Jacket, Street to Studio Pant, and More

lululemon pace pusher ls

lululemon pace pusher ls
I went looking for this new light luon Pace Pusher LS at my store today but no luck. I am loving this Vintage Pink top - finally some color! Shown with the Raspberry Glo Speed Shorts. The headband style is new, too, called the Be Radiant. This top is supposed to be uploaded this week. However, these photos are from a Massachusetts store so they are arriving in US stores this week, too.

lululemon brushed illusions print run-times-short
A white Pace Pusher LS shown with the Brushed Illusions Run Times Shorts and the Silver Stripe Cool Racerback. I saw this CRB in the store today - it's nicely thick and soft.

Photos of the new Miss Misty Jackets in the new Naval Blue/Seaside Silver Fox Alberta Lake print and black Animal Swirl. Also shown are Keep It Tight compression socks.

lululemon rain on jacket

lululemon rain on jacket
New Rain On Jackets in Fatigue (Wren?) and Black. Shown with  the Just Breathe LS and pretty new print in the High Mileage Duffel.

lululemon bomb bomber jacket
Bark Berry Bomb Bomber Jacket. I still haven't been able to try this on.

lululemon street to Studio pant

lululemon plankt tank

Plank Tank and Street to Studio Pant.


Anonymous said...

Off the subject, I just read Chip Wilson stepped down from the Board to focus on their new start-up. I hope that ends the boardroom drama.

Anonymous said...

love this model and her outfits, especially the ones with the shorts! are you sure those raspberry shorts are speeds?
these ensembles are more like how i wear my workout clothes - i.e., not so matchy-matchy and mixed-up patterns.
OT i'm very disappointed i missed the black cherry CRB - was waiting to order and then it was gone. lesson learned.

Anonymous said...

The girl in the shorts and pink top looks really cool. very nice crossfit look.


Unknown said...

Any idea where the pictures of the new rain on jacket in fatigue are from (Canada or US)?