Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Surf to Sand Sport Top, Hipster Bottom, Sea Me Run Crops, and More

lululemon surf to sand sport top

lululemon surf to sand sport top
The Robina store got two Olympians, Naomi Flood and Leiston Pickett, to model the new swimwear - showing the Surf to Sand Sport Top and Surf to Sand Hipster in Harbor Blue.

lululemon sea me run crop

lululemon rash guard

lululemon rash guard
I think these photos are showing a rashguard and not the Water Bound Hoodie in the Brushed Animal print. Also shown are Sea Me Run crops.


Luli Designs said...

I like the look of the sport top but I am guessing that because it is reversible that there is no way to have cups? That is a deal breaker for me.

Anonymous said...

The sea me run crops look like they have potential, but geez I can't keep up with all these crops Lulu has been coming out with lately. I think they are trying to look like they are innovative coming out with all these new things, but really the crops are essentially the same darn thing just different cutesy name. Please Lulu make ONE good running crop WITH leg pockets, not sheer, light breathable second skin material, and maybe a cute detail or two, some reflectivity wouldn't hurt either. Make it in all the good colors/patterns and call it a day. Sheesh.