Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Store Trip Report - Jet Crop Slim, Moody Mirage Power Y, and More.

lululemon jet crop slim

lululemon jet crop slim
I got to try on the new gray Slim Jet crops today and I can't say I liked them too much. The fit is a lot slimmer than the regular Jet Crops but the material felt very rough to me. I've read some comments that some new pants have been feeling rough to people and become a lot softer once they've been washed but these felt really stiff and scratchy for being made of luon.

lululemon moody mirage power-y

Fabric content of the Moody Mirage Bark Berry Power Y

lululemon mystic jungle wunder under crop
Fabric content of the Mystic Jungle Wunder Unders. The material was thick and totally opaque. I thought the print gave good coverage and was visually slimming.

lululemon wild tank
The new Wild Tank is Fatigue Green. I thought it might have been camo.

lululemon cool racerback
Fabric content of the new Bark Berry Desert Snake Cool Racerback. This CRB was on the thicker side.

lululemon dee-navy ebb-to-street-tank
New Heathered Deep Navy Ebb to Street Tank.


Anonymous said...

Lots of fatigue green and camo. do you think we will see the Coal stripe inspires loaded tonight? (in US) I haven't seen too many photos of those. I'm loving the harbour blue.

Anonymous said...

That CRB will pair very well with light cream or khaki colors. I have a pair of flare linen pants that I can't take off during the summer months and this CRB will look awesome with it.