Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Hong Kong Spoilers - So Many Goodies

lululemon vintage green
I must have this beauty - Space Dye Heathered Vintage Green LS Swiftly. Love, love, love!

lululemon plum peachswiftly
Plum Peach LS Swiftly. Like this a lot, too, but all of a sudden I have a ton of wants on my wish list.

lululemon cyber strata stripe
If this print comes in Wunder Unders people are going to freak. It's a Coal Strata Stripe dupe (CSS in insider speak). New Cyber Stripe Deep Coal/Black Inspires. I might need these.

lululemon miss misty

lululemon star crushed multi jacket

Wild new Miss Misty print - Star Crushed Multi.

'lululemon free to be wild bra
Deep Navy/Bark Berry Moody Mirage Free to Be Wild bra.

lululemon seaside silver fox
Seaside Silver Fox Alberta Lake Speed Tights.

lululemon rainforest scuba

Heathered Rainforest Scuba

lululemon harbour blue swiftly tank

Swiftly tanks in Harbour Blue and Scream Green.

Brushed Illusion Pace Setter Skirt

This is already in Canada but we don't have stock photos of it yet - the Exploded Moody Mirage High Mileage Duffel.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely jinxed myself by discussing how little I had spent on LLL since the start of the year!
I need all of this - the 'CSS' inspires, harbour blue everything, vintage green swiftly, moody mirage if it comes in inspires - so many things you have posted I can't even remember them all!

Deezee007 said...

Just when I thought I was out...........Lulu pulls me back in!!!

LuluAddict said...

@DeeZee - I know!!

Jojo said...

Finally some joyful colours not all these drab winter shades.

Anonymous said...

Love, want, need those CSS inspires! I just wore my ride on crops yesterday, they're a few years old, deep denim thick compressive material...I was wishing for something just like it and here it is!! I hope its all that!!

Anonymous said...

dammit! I'm still paying off my Visa bill.... ugh
Too many cute things!!! I want anything Moody Mirage!!!

Sam said...

High milage duffel in Moody Mirage is in my local Dallas store. Purchased it today but disappointed in material--it attracts lint, hair, etc. By the end of my 6 min drive home there was dog hair all over it from sitting in my front seat. Kind of ridiculous. Going back tomorrow :(

Anonymous said...

Loving the new blue swiftly tank!

Alejandra said...

MM duffel is in my New York store. I know cuz I just got one. :-)

Unknown said...

That vintage green LS Swiftly will be mine too!!

Unknown said...

Lulu, you finally have my attention after almost half a year of not buying a THING!
Space Dye Heathered Vintage Green LS Swiftly and CSS inspires, you're MINE!!

Anonymous said...

Why Hong Kong??! Why not here? Those inspires, speeds, swiftlys (LS and tank).... AMAZING! Why are we (US) getting the dregs of the uploads - greys, peaches, and Floridian couch prints! I don't get it....

LuluAddict said...

I'm sure we're getting the same stuff just not quite yet.

Anonymous said...

Like the Space Dye Heathered Vintage Green and the Star Crushed Multi print, but don't want that misty jacket or whatever it's called. Would like to see it in another jacket. And a CRB. Would be interested in CSS WUP or WUC too.

Anonymous said...

any idea when we might get that moody mirage FTBW? i am thinking of returning my vintage pink one (last day tomorrow) and holding out for that... i can only justify so many FTBW at once, and they seem to be doing much better at keeping them in stock in stores, so maybe i don't need to hoard them when i find them.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 6:16 am- I would normally say very soon but the ports issue has made predicting timing harder.

Anonymous said...

The brushed illusion pattern looks pretty nice in person. I would love that pace setter skirt.