Thursday, February 5, 2015

Britt's/Katelin's Picks

lululemon cyber stripe inspire crop
lululemon in flux crop

pace rival skirt lululemon

lululemon power y

lululemon refine crop

lululemon we like to cardi

lululemon modern racerback

lululemon tracker short iii

lululemon seva sweater
lululemon energy bra
The US is getting this Moody Mirage Energy bra and it will come to Canada at a later date.

The latest Britt's/Katelin's Picks are up.  The US might also be getting a Black Cherry Define. I like the In Flux Crop and Cyber Stripe Inspires the best of these new items.


Lululover said...

I was hoping for a Menthol Define but I can wait. Nothing else floats my boat

Unknown said...

I too like the In flux crops and I must have the Cyber Stripe Inspires, Oh My!!!

Anonymous said...

wow, i actually like all of these items! i hope they all come to the US!

LuluAddict said...

@lululover - A Menthol Define would be gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Of course those shorts won't be uploaded in Canada.

Anonymous said...

Hey, so is there still a possibility of Lulu phasing out the CRB, as I heard rumblings of a while back? They seem to be doing a lot more modern racerbacks instead lately and it bums me out.

Also, why are all the defines lately variations on the same fewcolors? I got the bordeaux one in november/december, since then it's just been an onslaught of various permutations of gray. Black cherry is nice but seems redundant. Would also love to see it in solid-color menthol, or alberta lake.

Anonymous said...

Those inspires are awesome! The cardi looks promising too.

Anonymous said...

I like the cyber stripe deep coal black pattern but don't care for inspires. I'll wait for a WUP or WUC.

Nothing else appeals to me.

And the Seva sweater, really? Another loose sweater? Can't they see the parade of unwanted, similar sweaters on wmtm? Bizarre decision to me that they produce yet another one of these but had felt they needed to "phase out" the #1 winner item, the CRB, until there was customer backlash.

Amy said...

I might be alone, but i like the Seva. I'd probably like the We Like to Cardi, but I went cardi-crazy last year and don't need more.

Anonymous said...

@ 12:22 AM, per LLL on hey lululemon, they state that they are not phasing out the CRB. There have not been as many CRBs as they are making they have been making the Studio Racer and the Refresh Racer. When I was in store recently I inquired when there would be more CRBs and was told that LLL is trying to figure out which tank to offer. As for why not offer both the CRB and the Studio Racer as different customers seem to lover either or both (and they are very different tanks), apparently that's too many simple, no shelf bra tanks for them to offer and produce. I think that is just a line/script and silly, after all they keep cranking out a ton of tanks that no one wants and all go to wmtm. Everyone knows that the CRB is a top seller and has been for many, many years. There are favourable reviews of the Studio Racer but I myself will never buy it. Don't care for the back at all or that it is shorter and with a curved hem.