Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Upload is up. Get it here.

lululemon chevron shuffle speed short

lululemon all sport bra

lululemon chevron-shuffle wunder-under-pant

lululemon skinny-will

lululemon seek the heat

lululemon easy breath bra

lululemon just breathe crop

lululemon just breathe tank

lululemon just breathe ls
The US only got one color in the Just Breathe LS but Canada got all of them. I like it but I'll wait to try it in the store.

lululemon oil slick blue lotus camo high times
Canada got Oil Slick Blue Lotus Camo High Times Pant. I ended up ordering these and will have a Canadian friend send them to me. It's weird these come in a 12 but the Roll Down Wunder Under ones did not. 

lululemon lotus camo inspires
The US got the Lotus Camo Inspires. I tried these on today and found them opaque. I decided to live without them (for now ;-)  ).

lululemon black-cherry high-tiems

lululemon studio racerback
I also ordered the Parallel Stripe Studio Racerback. The US got this to a size ten so I ordered the twelve from Canada and will have the same friend forward it to me. With the currency differential it shouldn't be too expensive to do things this way. I've been chasing Studio Racerbacks at my local stores for over two weeks now and I'm kind of tired of it. I also ordered the Atomic Red one, too, since I really like the Studio Racerbacks.

lululemon both ways bomber
Canada got the Both Ways Bomber. The pockets are bizarrely high.

lululemon scuba

lululemon scuba 3

lululemon ebb and flow bra
Alberta Lake Ebb and Flow Bra. I tried on the Seamlessly Plunge bra for the first time ever today - it was on the sale rack. It seemed pretty comfortable but it squished me down. I am curious to try this one on.

lululemon inkwell energy-bra

lululemon lotus-camo-high-times pant
Lotus Camo Speed Tights (CAN). I like these but I think I'm good with two pairs of Speed Tights.

lululemon relaxed fit pants
Relaxed Fit Pants (CAN). These are an older design but were a big time favorite of a lot of people.

lululemon breezy tank
Inkwell Lookout Stripe Breezy Tank (CAN). I saw this in my store today.

lululemon mesh with me tank
The US got the Mesh With Me Tanks. Has anyone tried this yet?

lululemon mudra scarf
New Alberta Lake sweater teased in the Mudra Scarf photos. Too bad it has funky sides.

lululemon speed short
Canada got funky Painted Lady Speed shorts.

lululemon pretty-purple swiftly ls

lululemon resolution hobo
The US got the other colors in the Resolution Hobo. I really like mine.

lululemon gym-to-win-duffel
The Atomic Flower (and Alberta Lake) Gym to Win Duffel was also uploaded. I know someone in the comments was complaining about how big lulu gym bags were - you should check this bag out. I saw it in the store today and it's on the smaller side.

I was hoping to see that new Oil Slick Blue (or Inkwell) and Alberta Lake LS Swiftlys we've seen photos of. I was also hoping the Menthol Studio Racerback would show up. Did you get anything today?


Anonymous said...

The high times pants look like dark wren but are listed as deep camo. Any thoughts on what they might be?

Anonymous said...

The FTBW bra is Split Pea not Antidote. But I find the FTBW bras dont vary much in color ...it is too similar to my Coal wee stripe/Antidote FTBW bra

Alejandra said...

pretty sure that's deep camo, it looks greener than the items I just received in dark wren.

Anonymous said...

I tried them on in my nearby store today -- they are a nice deep red. A bit more purple-ish than the maroon / bordeaux color they had before christmas. Tempting, but I've bought a lot of pants lately so I held off. I might regret it. Much yummier color in person than online, black cherry is the perfect descriptor even if the photos don't show it.

Anonymous said...

Nothing I just have to have...good thing. My drawers and closet are bursting at the seams. Wallet safe. For this week.

Anonymous said...

anon@5:29 here again.

I lied. Something on LLA made me recheck the black cherry High Times Pant, which had largely sold out b4 the upload. Must have been a 2nd shipment. Or maybe I'm crazy. Grabbed a 6 and ran.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness nothing is likeable. Still no anytime dress in alberta lake for Canada (((

Anonymous said...

@anon 4:16: If the High Times are the same pants we got in Canada last week, they're Deep Camo and they're fabulous. Made in Canada, fully opaque (the most opaque solid colour leggings I have) and TTS. I ordered them not expecting much as was pleasantly surprised. I didn't really expect to keep them, but the tags are already off them. They're darker than Fatigue Green.

I like the Black Cherry a lot too. Canada got the Sasavano Camo black/soot ones, but I already have black and should slow down on these so I will pass on them with effort.

Nothing for me this week.

Anonymous said...

I just got my order from last week of High Times Pants in both Black and Black Cherry today. I absolutely love the fit and style of the High Times Pant, this was my first time trying them, definitely going to be a favourite now, love them more than Wunder Unders. My usual size 4 fits perfectly, they're like pants on me (5'2"), but that is what I expected and what I wanted anyway, love the high waist, fits nice and snug and comes right up to cover my belly button. I hope the waist stays nice and snug fitting and won't stretch out with wear. Also, the new Black Cherry colour is just gorgeous, love it, and hope to see more of it, it's a really great colour for pants especially!

Now, if only that White Heathered Herringbone Define Jacket would get uploaded to the Canadian side, I'd be beyond excited. Does anyone know if it will be available in Canada soon? I've had my heart set on this one since first seeing it on here.

Anonymous said...

LuluAddict, or anyone else who knows, can you please explain what the difference is between the High Times Pant waistband and the Wunder Under Roll Down Pant waistband please (and thank you)?

I haven't tried the Wunder Under Roll Down style, but just got the High Times and love them, now curious to know if I'd like the Roll Downs as much, the new Alberta Lake ones look gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I have purchased the mesh with me tank. Beautiful top, very flattering. Am planning to use for both yoga (love relatively high necks) and spin. As a 'fuc cup, I found I needed to size up as it gave me some 'boob squash' which game me some super cleavage which j did not want! Overall though great top. I bought it in the inkwell. Also, like you, LLA, am really liking the studio racerback- love the back of it in particular but great length and shape for me at 5ft 3, I have been wearing the power Y bra with it which has been great

Anonymous said...

Are people sizing down in the black cherry high times? I like the 6 in those textured stripe ones but the 8 in the Coco pique. TIA!

Anonymous said...

I also sized down to a 2 in the stripe but have a 4 in the pique, herringbone , and black cherry. I think these are tts:)

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 6:18 pm - I think people said the High Times hold you in a bit more at the waist than the Roll Downs and people are liking the shorter length. I don't have any roll down WUPS so maybe someone else can comment in.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone notice a difference in feel of the fabric of the High Times Black Cherry vs the regular Black? let me attempt to word that differently- is the Black Cherry softer like the Herringbone print or more athletic-looking-luon like the Black is..? I love that my Herringbone ones look like cottony leggings, but I'm not loving how my black ones look... I want Black Cherry. Wish I could see them in person :/

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much LuluAddict (from anon 6:18 pm)! I really like my new High Times Pants so much, so think I'll stick with those, love the length, for me they're like pants, but love that, and I do like that the waist feels snug and supportive as well. Thanks again!

Lucid Moon Studio said...

I am pretty sure your first photo should be Run Times, not speeds. I almost got my hopes up, lol.

Chezhire71 said...

@ Anon 6:18 p.m., the big difference between the High Times & Roll Down WUP is the INSEAM length:
High Times is a 7/8 length (i.e., what LLL calls "bike-friendly,") &
Roll DOwn WUP are a lot longer (i.e., you can wear these pulled down around your heels if you like to keep ankles warm.)
I have purchased both and don't find that the waists differ in either compression or rise, though that could be just my experience with the pairs I've purchased.

I ordered the FTBW in Wee Stripe Heathered Slate White/Split Pea. I also have the Black Tonka Stripe/Antidote version from last year, so I was kind of taking my time deciding whether or not to purchase this colorway. I finally decided that I wear my Antidote bra so often both for exercise & also beneath my street clothes that buying this one, the front of which will appear significantly lighter beneath a few of my lighter colored tops (bonus!) was a no-brainer for me. Id have regretted it later if I'd missed out, as FTBW is my all time fav LLL bra.

Also, I never saw the Chevron Shuffle/Split Pea Speeds tonight on the US upload side. Saw Run Times though. Weren't these Canada only?

LuluAddict said...

@Lucid - Sorry!!!! You are right. I am sure there are Speeds coming in this print.

Anonymous said...

I just bought the Alberta Lake animal swirl yoga tote bag! Have been waiting for a cute one to be released! Still waiting to get my black cherry high times from when I ordered online on Thurs can't wait.

Chezhire71 said...

@Lucid & LuluLAdict - whew! I was getting nervous I'd missed those speeds! COuldn't find them on the CAN side either & thought "oh crap, they cold out before I could order them!"
3rd world problems...

Lululover said...

I just noticed that Caspian Blue vinyasa was uploaded to US side

Anonymous said...

I had several mesh and animal swirl items in my cart but took them all out. Somehow didn't feel compelled to own any of them. I may be the only person who doesn't like the High Times pants. I ordered the black camo and the fabric is great - compressive and opaque. But I just feel tired of camo camo everywhere, and also at 5'7" the High Times are an awkward length for me. Not long enough to be full length pants and too long to be crops. Going back and I'm sticking to Wunder Unders which are more versatile for me. High Times on taller people feel like you're wearing short people pants.

Anonymous said...

@6:18 pm, the waist is a bit higher on the roll downs and the roll downs are longer in length so you can wear them over your heel if you're into that.

But let me warn you, the Alberta Lake roll downs are thin and sheer made in Bangladesh junk.

I just ordered the Black Cherry High Times based on all the positive comments. I hope everyone is right because I am tired of ordering online and having to drive to the store to return substandard purchases.

Anonymous said...

Chezhire71, thanks so much for commenting on the difference between the High Times and the Wunder Under Roll Downs :) The High Times are like pants on me, but may try the WU Roll Downs since it sounds like the waist is basically the same as the High Times, since that is what most important to me that they're pretty much the same style and fit at waist. I'm in love with the waist on my High Times :) Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Does this put to rest the worry if the CRB is going away (On LLL.com, reviews)
"Response from lululemon:
By Katelin, Digital Engagement, January 7, 2015
Hi lumama,
I really appreciate you taking the time to write to us about this. We know how much our guests love the Cool Racerback, so know it's not going anywhere....Rest assured the Cool Racerback is here to stay, and that your feedback on colours is being heard loud and clear."

Anonymous said...

To anon @ 8:48 PM - Thanks so much for that info, it sounds like the WU Roll Downs would be too high in the waist for me. The High Times go right up to cover my belly button and end right at the smallest part of my waist, which is as high as I'd want, any higher would be just too high on me and I wouldn't wear them rolled down anyway. Plus the High Times are just the right length as pants for me too 5'2"). It looks like I'll be sticking with the High Times :) Also, good to know the WU are thin and where they're made too! I just got both the Black and the Black Cherry High Times and both are made in Canada and nice thick and compressive material :)

Anonymous said...

I haven't ordered anything in 3 weeks. Longest I've gone since I "Discovered," Lulu in June 2012. I don't care for mesh and I feel like everything is either boring or I already have a ton of it. I'm actually kinda sad that I don't want anything. Just no excitement or anticipation anymore for uploads :-(

Anonymous said...

Will be buying more of the Easy Breath Bra as it is the best bra ever for small busted women. I might check out the Ebb & Flow bra only because there's the alberta lake version.

Interesting the Relaxed Fit pant is back. This is an awesome pant. Not as flared as the Still Pant but a great pant. I have 2 from when they were out last time. Will probably check out the Hot Hot Short but I'm loyal to Shakti shorts.

Painted lady speed shorts yellow splotches are too random and in inappropriate places.

Anon 9:17 - on the CRB, old news on this board. That response was given many months ago. The lack of CRB releases in great colours and in stores makes customers skeptical still. LLL has also apparently said the CRB will be on hiatus (that came from an educator and not LLL corporate). If they changed their production on CRBs that's why we're not seeing that many. Also, some of the recent releases have been appallingly thin, like pantyhose, e.g. Rich Earth.

Anonymous said...

The wee stripe FTBW bra should have different coloured straps at least and I suspect it is coming. I'm not worried about missing out on the FTBW since it seems it will be in regular releases now. I will save my money for a better version of the bra rather than having something too similar to my antidote tonka stripe bra. I wear them to hot yoga so I don't needs something too similar, would make me feel like I'm just wearing the same bra again. Although I don't lack for outfits and rotate everything. Plus it's not exactly a cheap bra. I'll be buying more of the Easy Breath for now.

Patty said...

I really like the Atomic Flower gym to win bag - do y'all think it's too juvenile for a 35 yr old lawyer to carry to the gym/maybe use for (non work) travel?

Also, does anyone know if they have fixed the pokey-waistband issue on the Tracker shorts yet? I had to return two pairs. But, positive store story (which is rare for me) - my local store was totally cool about it and let me switch them out for two new pairs of Run Times w/ no receipts.

LuluAddict said...

@Patty - I'm not sure about the pokey waistband on the Trackers. I stopped buying them because of it. That is one reason I tried out the Go the Distance shorts.

Unknown said...
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Patty said...

Thanks for your response LLA! I am going to hold off on buying more Trackers until I get confirmation that they fixed it. I will have to try on the GTD shorts - I forget about them whenever I hit the store!

Unknown said...

Does anyone know whether or when the alberta lake just breathe pant will be on the U.S side?

LuluAddict said...

@Sandra - I'm sure we'll get them. I bet they come next week.

Anonymous said...

I really wanted to get the hot hot shorts and the easy breathe bra in the white and the dots pattern, but I am waiting for funds. I hope those are not super popular.
The chevron pattern is good in the run times shorts and all sport bra.


Alyssa said...

Need the chevron shuffle inspire tights ii, is there an angel out there? They are sold out online!

V. said...

Hi! Is there a difference in material between wunder unders and high times?
I'm quite short, so I was wondering if I should just get high times instead?...