Tuesday, January 20, 2015

UK and HK Spoilers

lululemon speed short chevron
Chevron Shuffle Speed Shorts.

lululemon inspires chevron
Chevron Shuffle Inspire crops.

lululemon energy bra
Energy (and All Sport) bras released in Menthol.

lululemon cabin yogi

lululemon cabin yogi
Gray/Aged Moss Cabin Yogi Wrap

lululemon clip in bra

lululemon clip in crop
Clip in Bra and Crop in Lotus Camo

lululemon inspire tight

lululemon run times
Pebble Print Inspire Tights and Run Times Shorts

lululemon wunder under crop
Sashiko quilted Wunder Under crops

lululemon time warp ss
Split Pea Time Warp SS


Anonymous said...

The pebble inspires are the first Lulu item in awhile that made me pause and go wide-eyed in a GOOD way. I hope they make it to the US, as well!

Anonymous said...

I want those chevron shuffle speed shorts but I don't know what I would pair with them other than black and maybe plum/BD. I think split pea on top would be too matchy, totally not into matchy...

Anonymous said...

1:28 me too. I really like they way those inspires look. Love running outside with exciting looking gear.