Thursday, January 22, 2015

Britt's Picks

lululemon cool racerback
Black Cherry CRBs have already been spotted in a Vancouver store and it's supposed to be a nicely thick one. Apparently, these will only be uploaded to the US side of the site next week, though.

lululemon miss misty jacket
The Miss Misty Jacket has promise so I hope it goes up to a twelve, unlike the pullover.

lululemon time warp ss

lululemon time warp crop

We're getting the Warp Knit fabrics. I don't really care for the looks of this fabric but maybe it's awesome in person. There are no reviews of it yet on the Australian website. Has anyone tried these one or felt them up? Is the fabric softer and more breathable than it looks in the photos?

lululemon party yoga pant
The Yoga Party Pants will hit Canada next week but I believe these are in US stores and people are liking them.

lululemon mudra scarf
lululemon bomb bomber

lululemon departure vest
lululemon city one piece

The Black Cherry CRB looks like the only want from this batch of photos. When are we getting those Clarity Vests?


Anonymous said...

I picked up the black cherry Crb and it's gorgeous

Anonymous said...

Agree. Really want that black cherry CRB. But what I really NEED is another pair of pants or crops. Nothing is appealing right now, though. Same old blah.

Anonymous said...

No Black Cherry in Canada? WTH? They can't possible suggest that the weather prevents us from wearing them. It's just ridiculous. We just got the Fatigue and Caspian Blue LS Swiftlys this week in stores and the Boom Juice CRB was uploaded a week ago.

If it's not a port issue, I don't know what the problem is.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 9:05 pm - the Black Cherry CRBs are in Canadian stores but won't be on the website right away. I think all this weirdness about who is getting what and in what sizes is due to the ports issues in LA.

Anonymous said...

I don't find any of this appealing at all. I'm happy for everyone who likes the Cool Racerbacks, although they aren't for me, I don't like the way they look on me and they really don't fit me properly.

I'm hoping we'll get both the white and the black Universal Wrap sweaters in Canada next upload though. I'd love to try them, they look really nice in the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Seriously....that's a whole lot of YUCK!!

Emily said...

It got the warp tee in black, though I admit I got it for work wear rather than working out. I don't like working out in high crew necks. (I'm a turbo tank and 105 singlet girl) I feels almost like a really light weight sweater, and the cutouts are small enough to be work appropriate. On he the back they're tiny, and on het he's sides they're low enough to only show whatever you're wearing under then, I've worn it under a blazer for a job interview, which was great, since it is very cool/breathable, and I was a little nervous sweating!. I also wore it with white jeans, and it looked awesome. The bottom has rolled up a bit in the drawer, but doesn't really do that while wearing it it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up as always LLA.

And yes, wth it's not being uploaded to Canada...yet. I'll remain drama free and patient, lol. I'll check stores and watch on-line. I'm in a CRB desert like those of us that love this tank. I liked your colour comparison and black cherry is definitely a CRB I want. (Also love my plum and bordeaux drama CRBs)

Now, if they could just FINALLY make a solid (or heathered) Alberta Lake one, in thick & soft material!

Anonymous said...

Peplum l/s - what is that but a waste?

City one piece - another cheeks revealing one piece. LLL is so clueless. This is the third one in less than a year.

Deezee007 said...

Black Cherry CRB!! FINALLY something to get excited about :D

Anonymous said...

that black cherry CRB is very nice.
they are too long on me though.
That bathing suit looking thing. Oh my oh my.


Anonymous said...

Now if they would just make CRBs in Alberta Lake and Inkwell, I'd have every CRB I'd ever want.

Anonymous said...

They put out the Black cherry CRBs today at Toronto's Eaton Centre. What a gorgeous colour.

Anonymous said...

guess i'm adding another CRB to my collection! i'm one of those who love the refresh racers, too, and not sure i'm into the studio racer backs, but this black cherry color is an obvious one.

Chezhire71 said...

I'm thrilled there's a SOLID Black Cherry CRB coming next week. I'll be buying it, but I sure wish it weren't being made in Light Luon. I'd have preferred regular Luon, so I'm hoping the above comments re: being nice & thick mean I won't really miss the difference.

Now, if they'll just release a SOLID Alberta Lake CRB, I'll be in heaven!

Anonymous said...

@Chezhire71...never heard of a regular Luon CRB, been collecting them for years, so if they made them it must have been waaay back. However, I have noticed that there are varying thicknesses, although the label always seems to say Light Luon.

Anonymous said...

Purchased a black cherry crb last night. The color is amazing, definite keeper for me on that point alone, but it is not the thickest of CRB's (high nylon content though so soft).

Chezhire71 said...

Many thanks, ya'll! Already checked and my local store is getting them this coming week, too, so if online doesn't work out on Tues, I'll head into my store.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 4:31 PM, thank you! I picked up mine today at Eaton Centre. Anyone else interested, they still had most sizes. Cumberland store does not have this CRB as of today. I was in that neighbourhood first and checked. Cumberland does have a number of the herringbone inspire crops on markdown, sorry I didn't check the price but they had a lot of size 4 and 6 as of this afternoon.

This CRB is light luon and decent. It is not thick like heathered deep coal - which imo is one of the most awesome CRBs ever, so thick and soft.