Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Both Ways Bomber, Just Breathe LS, and More

lululemon just breathe le
The new light rulu Just Breathe LS ($78) and Just Breathe Crops. I really like this top but I can't really justify getting it. I wish it came in a compelling color like Alberta Lake. This is from a Canadian store. I don't think the Just Breathe LS are in US stores yet.

lululemon both ways bomber

lululemon both ways bomber
Photos of the new reversible Both Ways Bomber ($198). I think this is a sweater on one side and french terry on the other. More photos of this jacket in yesterday's post.

lululemon inspire tights
Chevron Shuffle Inspire Tights with a Just Breathe Tank and Namaskar Jacket.

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Unknown said...

Hmm, that LS looks like it bunches around her like it's a bit stiff, which is understandable with the mesh in the neck area, when she's in postures - would be weird looking in just every day movements me thinks. Reminds me of the spinning tops that came out in the most recent spinning capsule with the light beigey pinky color.