Tuesday, December 16, 2014


lululemon atomic flower festival bag
Very cute new Atomic Flower Silver Spoon/Black Festival bag. (Canada only)

lululemon giant houndstooth scuba

lululemon cabin yogi ls gray
 I really like the look of the Cabin Yogi LS sweaters. (Canada)

lululemon capilano cool racerback

lululemon jet stripe power y

lululemon cabin onesie
Cabin Onesie (Canada only)

lululemon cabin yogi wrap
Cabin Yogi Wrap (Canada)

lululemon textured wave inspire tight front

lululemon textured wave inspire tight
Canada got Textured Wave Inspire Tights. The photos I posted early today were of Inspire crops. I tried on the Inspire tights this weekend. There is no back zipper pocket, just the two thigh zipper pockets and they weren't big enough to fit my iphone in its case.

lululemon be present jacket
The Black/Herringbone Be Present jacket is super cute. I thought the arms on this ran tight. I liked this jacket a lot.

lululemon snug sprinter jacket
New Snug Sprinter jacket. This jacket isn't doing much for me in the photos.

lululemon namaskar pant
New luon Namaskar pants in deep coal. I kind of like these.

lululemon stretch it out hoodie
New Stretch It Out Hoodie. Yet another jacket that doesn't go to a 12.

lululemon waterbound bra
Why did Australia get Waterbound Bras up to a 12? I have five Waterbound/Bound bras in size 10 but I was looking to pick up a 12.

lululemon swiftly fatigue
Fatigue LS Swiftly. I haven't decided whether to order this or not. 

I didn't order anything yet. I do like that Cabin Yogi LS sweater but it's not in the US right now.

Did you order anything today?


Upload is up early. Get it here.

NEW Om Stripe Speed Tights

lululemon om stripe speed tight
I think these are new Speed Tights in the OM Stripe pattern. There is a reflective strip at the ankle, though I can't see the side pockets. Also in this photo is a Nightfall Emerge Renewed Jacket and 105F Singlet.

NEW! Textured Wave Print Inspire Crops and the Cabin Yogi LS

lululemon textured wave inspire crops

lululemon textured wave inspire crops

lululemon textured wave inspire crops
New print in the Inspire crop color coded TWBS. I'm going to guess they are Textured Wave Black Silver. One store report says the material does have a texture. I'm curious to see and feel these in person. The pattern reminds a little of the old Undulation Print. Also shown is a Define Jacket and Boom Juice Swiftly Tank.

lululemon textured wave inspire crops
The latest pants to hit the store: Textured Wave Inspire crops, Deep Coal Zig Zag Ebb to Street Pants, Giant Houndstooth Dip Dye Wunder Under pants, and Deep Coal Dream Rose print Wunder Unders.

lululemon cabin yogi ls
The new Cabin Yogi LS.

lululemon scuba
The new Parallel Stripe Scuba has a silver and gold zipper.