Friday, November 28, 2014

New Britt's Picks (with Good Stuff) & Sunday Night Cyber Monday Upload!!

lululemon ultra violet fluff off pullover
From the write up on Hey Lululemon there will be a Sunday evening upload for Cyber Monday. Update - the upload is supposed to be sometime after dinner PST.

I know people are really excited the Fluff Off Pullover is back. My sister bought two last year to use for running in her Oregon winters. I really like the Stained Glass Love one.
lululemon fluff off jacket

I really like these, too.

lululemon flurry fighter pullover

Flurry Fighter Pullover will be mine. I've been waiting for tech fleece for ages. This is why I didn't jump on any Black Friday WMTM. I knew better stuff was coming.

lululemon vinyasa
I might have to get this Ultra Violet mini check pique Vinyasa. I really hope we see a Think Fast LS or some other cozy top in this fabric.

lululemon speed tight herringbone
Lululemon is killing me with Speed Tights lately. I might have to get the Giant Herringbone ones. It looks like the Unbreakable Print have a black backside, which is really nice not only for coverage but for sitting on dirty surfaces.

lululemon pranayama scarf high times pant
The High Times pant looks like they are Coco Pique.

lululemon wild tank

A tank based on the Free to Be Wild bra - interesting. I like open back tanks but I know this style exceeds my personal comfort zone. It looks cute on the model.

lululemon exquisite pant bra

lululemon exquisitie tank onesie
We're also getting the Exquisite stuff that the foreign lululemon sites already got.

Shimmy Shimmer Jet Crop, Scoop Back LS, Core Set Bra, Party Bomb Jacket.

lululemon scoop back ls shimmer shine tight

lululemon scoop back ls shimmer shine tight
Shimmy Shimmer Shine Tight Roll Down, Jet Crop, and Scoop Back Long Sleeve top. I've read several try on reports on the LS and they all say to size up.

Shimmy Shimmer Jet Crop and Scoop Back LS.

Head-to-toe sparkle - Core Set Bra, Shine Tight Roll Down, and Party Bomb jacket.

Core Set Bra, Shine Tight Roll Down, and Party Bomb Jacket in the Shimmy Shimmer print. The jacket reverses to solid black. I really wish there was an Energy Bra in the Shimmy Shimmer black white print.