Thursday, November 20, 2014

NEW! Silver Urban Sanctuary Bag

lululemon silver urband sanctuary bag
New blingy silver (or, more likely, neutral blush) and black Urban Sanctuary bag. Love it!

lululemon mantra tote
Neutral Blush Mantra Tote - shiny side out and the reverse.

lululemon mantra tote

lululemon mantra tote inside
Found two more Mantra Tote photos. Hmm, the inside of this is different. I wonder if there is both a Neutral Blush and a Silver one.

Mantra Tote, Coco Pique Base Runner Pants, and Store Try On Comments

lululemon manta tote
Neutral Blue Mantra on left and Silver Mantra Tote on right.
lululemon mantra tote

lululemon mantra tote

lululemon mantra tote
The new Mantra Tote in Neutral Blush, Silver, and Black. Also shown are Yogi Crew Sweaters.

luluelmon city tank

lululemon city tank define jacket
The City Tank and Define Jacket. I tried on the Bordeaux Define today and thought the thickness of luon was ok. It wasn't the thickest luon I've felt but it definitely wasn't the thinest. Trying on the Define was like saying hello to an old friend.

lululemon base runner skin speed tight
New Sequin Snakeskin Speed Tights and Black/Coco Pique Base Runner pants. I tried on the new White/Black Mini Check Pique Base Runner pants and found them super soft. They were also very lightweight and clung to every lump and bump. About the only thing I could use them for would be super cozy pajama pants so I'll wait for them to hit markdown.

lululemon arsenal ambient speed tight

lululemon ambient arsenal speed tight
I tried on the new Arsenal Ambient Speed Tights today and liked the print well enough. The backside of the print is a medium-ish gray and it didn't fade too much when stretched. The material is opaque and I thought the Speed Tights fit on the looser side. I also tried on the Rugby Striped Ultra Violet Swiftly and didn't care for it. It was thick but not nearly as soft or stretchy as recent Swiftlys have been. If you buy your LS Swiftlys to have a figure hugging look you might want to size up for the Rugby striped ones. I also tried on the Menthol Swiftly I ordered the other night and wondered what I was thinking. A glowing mint green is just not me, lol. I ended up buying the Going Grape Space Dye Swiftly and the Menthol will be returned when I receive it.

lululemon all sport bra herringbone

lululemon all sport bra pigment herringbone
Photos of the new Pigment Herringbone All Sport bra. For some reason my stores only got this up to a size ten. I wonder whether we'll see Inspires in this color.

lululemon giant herringbone skinny will
Black Herringbone Wunder Under Pants on the left and Giant Herringbone Skinny Will Pants on the right. I bought the Skinny Wills and think I am going to return the Nightfall Diamond Jacquard WUPS I ordered last week. Most of my cool weather tops are geared towards being paired with gray or black pants and I can't wrap my head around purple pants no matter how comfy I find them. I might change my mind but right now I am leaning towards not keeping them.

lululemon run reflect headband

lululemon run and reflect headband
New felt-backed Run and Reflect headband. This seems to be aimed at runners who like to buy similar Sweaty and Bic Bands that you find at race expos. Unlike those brands, this is machine washable. I like having a portable piece of reflectivity.

lululemon fly away tamer dot

lululemon fly away tamer
New Fly Away Tamer that looks like Diamond Dot luon but feels soft and thick like rulu or herringbone. I am hoping we'll see some bottoms or pullovers in this fabric.

NEW! Sequin Snakeskin Speed Tights

lululemon sequin snakeskin speed tights.

lululemon sequin snakeskin speed tights.

lululemon-sequin-snakeskin-speed tights.

lululemon sequin-snakeskin speed-tights.

lululemon sequin-snakeskin speed tights.

lululemon-sequin-snakeskin-speed tights.
Funky new Sequin Snakeskin Speed Tights. I like the look from a distance, as shown in the first photo, but not sure how I feel about the close up view. I tried on the Arsenal Ambient Gray Speed Tights today and liked them and these are a similar look color-wise.

Giant Herringbone Print Run Times Shorts and More

lululemon run times short giant herringbone

lululemon run times short herringbone
Love these photos - love when lululemon goes outside the yoga/run/crossfit box for photo shoots. Giant Herringbone Run Times Shorts and an Inkwell Seamlessly Covered Tank.

lululemon yogi crew sweater

lululemon yogi crew sweater parfait

lululemon-yogi-crew sweater parfait
Yogi Crew *Hearts Sweater in Parfait Pink.

lululemon bordeaux drama define jacket

lululemon define jacket

lululemon pique base runner pant
Mini Check Pique Base Runner Pant and Bordeaux Define.

lululemon menthol swiftly base runner pant
Mini Check Pique Base Runner Pant and Menthol Swiftly LS

lululemon shanti swim wear

lululemon paradise grid shanti swim

lululemon raspberry glo triangle shanti
More of the Australia Swim line.