Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Think Fast Pullover, Stained Glass Scuba, and More, Plus Try On Comments

lululemon think fast pullover

lululemon herringbone thing fast pullvoer

lululemon think fast pullover slate

lululemon slate think fast boom juice speed short

lululemon think fast pullover

lululemon inknwell think fast pullover

lululemon think fast pullvoer

lululemon think fast pullvoer turn around tight'

lululemon think fast pullover herringbone

Cord tunnel in the pocket

I didn't expect to buy a Think Fast Pullover when I went to the store today but I went home with the Herringbone one and seriously considered buying the Heathered Slate one, too. I found the rulu thick and soft; the styling clean, classic, and flattering; and the functionality complete - it comes with both  thumbholes and cuffins, reflectivity on the front and back, a zip pocket big enough to fit my iphone 5S in its Lifeproof case and it has a cord tunnel for my ear buds. You can leave the front zipper open for cooling or zip it up and raise the collar to warm your neck. I have read comments from taller ladies that they find this top a little on the short side but I think it's fine for me (5'5"). The old U-Turn Pullovers were much shorter.  Unlike the Race Your Pace Half Zip, the seams were not at all itchy or noticeable (I tried the PO on over a sports bra and it was soft all over). This pullover seems to work really well for bustier women. If you are in the market for a rulu pullover definitely check these out. I thought the fit was TTS.

lululemon stained glass scuba hoodie
Man, I want the whole outfit - Stained Glass Scuba and Black Grape Wunder Under Pants.

lululemon deepest cranberry wunder under pant

lululemon wunder under pant cranberry
The Deepest Cranberry Wunder Under Pants.

The new Straight Up Pant in the Tri Geo print. I tried on the Inkwell version of the pants. They were a comfy pant but the Inkwell is sheer. 

The new Houndstooth Tracker II shorts.

I also bought the new Boom Juice Cool Racerback. I think I am going to wait to take the tags off this one. I really like the color but the CRB is on the thinner side and highlights my tummy imperfections. I am going to hope another Boom Juice tank comes along.

Open Your Heart LS Coming Back?

lululemon open your heart ls

Seam from last year's Open Your Heart LS

New banners were uploaded for the website and based on this photo it looks like the Open Your Heart LS may be coming back. I liked these so much I bought two of them. The rough seam on the shoulder the shoulder and the reversibility is what makes me think this is a new OYH LS. The cuffs look a bit shorter but this shirt had sizing issues so I wonder if they tweaked the fit/look a bit. Excited to know it's coming back.

Color Comparison: Cranberry vs. Bumble Berry; Boom Juice vs. Kiss/Fruity Tootie/Flash

lululemon deepest cranberry wunder under pant

lululemon cranberry to bumble berry

lululemon cranberry to bumble berry
Taken with a flash.

A reader asked for a comparison of Deepest Cranberry to Bumble Berry. This was taken in the store, out on the floor under fluorescent light. Cranberry is underneath Bumble Berry in these photos.

lululemon cranberry wunder under crops
This is the dressing room. Cranberry WUCs are underneath the Bumble Berry CRB. It definitely comes up a bit redder compared to Bumble Berry.

lululemon boom juice crb
Boom Juice compared to some "vintage" (circa 2009) similar colors. The tank on the left is the 3 Set tank and the bottom band is Kiss Pink. The tank on the right is a Fruity Tootie Deep V. The headband is heathered Flash. I don't have any solid flash items. The Boom Juice CRB is along the bottom. It's hard to tell in this photo but Boom Juice is closest to Kiss Pink. The above photo was taken in ambient light with a flash.

lululemon boom juice crb
Same photo as above without a flash.

lululemon boom juice fruity tootie kiss pink comparison
Take in the fluorescent light of my laundry room. Starting on the left and going clockwise: Fruity Tootie, Flash headband, Boom Juice CRB, and Kiss Pink.