Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Reflective Speed Tights and More

lululemon reflective speed tight in-a-flash-ls

lululemon reflective speed tight
The new Reflective Speed Tights. I was bemoaning them not coming out in a darker color yesterday but a night running friend pointed out to me that she prefers max visibility and never runs in black bottoms. Also shown is the In a Flash LS and Bright Bomber jacket.

lululemon reflective fly away tamer bright bomber jacket

lululemon home stretch crew

lululemon fly away tamer home-stretch-crew
A nice portable piece of reflectivity - the Reflective Fly Away Tamer headband. Also shown is the Bright Bomber Jacket, Home Stretch Crew, and Speed Tight.

lululemon herringbone base runner pant

lululemon base runner pant

lululemon home stretch crew speed short

lululemon home stretch crew
A lot of people are not loving the 'Mile High' words on the Home Stretch crew. This is the striped version. Also shown are SE Reflective Speed Shorts and Herringbone Base Runner Pants.

lululemon in a flash ls

lululemon in a flash ls
More In a Flash LS photos. Also shown are Run with Me Ear Warmers, Gloves, and Petal Camo Rebel Runner crops.

New York City Marathon Limited Edition Items (Updated with New Photos)

lululemon new york city marathon crops tops
Check it out - lululemon limited edition items for the New York City marathon. These are available in NYC stores starting this Thursday. How fun!! (Hey, lululemon - get together with Disney to make items for Disney races. ;-)  )  Thanks to a reader for the tip.

Update - I found a few more photos of the SE items. Also, the Soho store is offering to screenprint swiftlys or metal vent techs with  "#beenthererunthat NYC 2014" .

Update #2 - The Home Stretch Crew is $198 and Inspire crops are $96.

lululemon nyc inspires

lululemon new york city marathon special edition

lululemon new york city marathon se mens

lululemon special edition mens

lululemon special edition mens tight

lululemon new york city marathon inspire crops

lululemon special edition crew

lululemon special edition warm up crew