Thursday, October 23, 2014

Manifesto Script Fuel Green Camo Speed Shorts, Anytime Skirt, and More

lululemon fuel green camo manifesto speed shorts

lululemon manifesto script camo fuel green speed-short

manifesto script fuel green camo speed short

lululemon speed-short manifesto camo script fuel-green
From a Texas lululemon store - I'd love to see the shorts paired with a brighter top - Fuel Green Manifesto Camo Speed Shorts and an Inkwell Swiftly LS.

lululemon tracker short manifesto camo green
A Run Times Tank with the Manifesto Script Camo Speeds. The bra band on the tank looks incorrect. It should be much wider. 

lululemon clip in tank brisky-biker-jacket

Another photo of the new Clip In tank and the Dune Brisky Biker Jacket. I liked the looks of the tank much better in the earlier photo I posted.

lululemon anytime skirt deenie-stripe
Deenie Stripe Anytime Skirt.

lululemon journey crop

journey crop luluemon

backside of lululemon journey crop
Refresher Racer Tank in Black Grape Osaka Stripe and Rocky Road Journey Crops. Hmm, the dark seaming wasn't so obvious in earlier photos.

Going Grape Torque Tank, Rocky Road Scuba, and Laser Cut Roll Down Wunder Under Pants. I really wish we were getting a Going Grape Cool Racerback.

Out of this World Dress and More

lululemon out of this world dress

black lululemon out of this world dress

back view lululemon out-of-this-world-dress
This woman is really selling me the Out of this World Dress.

lululemon everyday pant

lululemon everything she wants vest

everyday pant and everything she wants vest
Everything She Wants Vest and Everyday Pant.

Clip In Tank, Ravi Tee, Everyday Pant, and More

lululemon clip in tank berry-yum-yum-wheezy-check speed shorts

lululemon clip in tank berry-yum-yum-wheezy-check-speed-shorts
From a US lululemon store in Utah - new Clip In Tank and Berry Yum Yum Wheezy Check Speed Shorts. Anyone try on the Clip In Tank yet? 

lululemon ravi tee

lululemon ravi tee white
Photos of the new Ravi Tee.

lululemon everyday pant

lululemon everyday pant black

lululemon-everyday pant reflective strip
Everyday Pant and Torque Tank

lululemon brisky biker jacket

lululemon-brlsky-biker jacket sand dune

lululemon brisky-biker-jacket-sand-dune
The Sand Dune Brisky Biker Jacket.

lululemon bust a move jacket journey-crop

lululemon journey-crop bust-a-move-jacket

lululemon-bust-amove-jacket journey crop

lululemon going grape swiftly ls

lululemon turn-around-tight forme jacket

lululemon forme jacket herrinbgone-turn-around-tight

lululemon rocky road forme jacket

Weekend LS. I tried this on and really like the thicker Vitasea material but found the fit very masculine - wide upper back and more tapered at the hip.

Savasana Socks, Atman Pant, and More

lululemon diamond jacquard space-dye wunder-under-pant
I believe these are the new Diamond Jacquard Space Dye Black Deep Coal Wunder Under Pants. I ordered these on Tuesday but I can't tell when they are supposed to arrive since the tracking isn't working. I am hoping tomorrow. Also shown are new wool Savasana Socks in Twisted Bordeaux Drama and the Love Tee.

lululemon journey crop in rocky road
New Rocky Road Journey Crop and Toothpaste Swiftly.

New practice cotton Atman Pant and Refresher Racer Tank in Heathered Black Grape Osaka Stripe. The Atman pants look comfy but the $108 price tag is a bit daunting.

Blizzard Parka and Vinyasa Scarf.