Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Everyday Pant, Black Grape Studio Pants, and More

lululemon black grape roll down wunder under-pant

lululemon black grape roll-down-wunder-under-pant fuel-green-swiftly ls
Fuel Green Swiftly LS and Full On Luon Black Grape Roll Down Wunder Under Pants.

lululemon varsity plaid wunder under pant out-of-this-world-ls
Love the whole look in this photo - Varsity Plaid Wunder Under Pant, Out of this World LS, and the Vite Vite Run Toque.

lululemon long and short of it jacket varsity-plaid-wunder-under pant
I am not a big fan of the Long and Short of It Jacket but it looks cute with the Varsity Plaid WUPs.

lululemon varsity plaid wunder under pant

lululemon toothpaste swiftly ss
Varsity Plaid Wunder Under Pant with the Heathered Fuel Green, Heathered Going Grape, and Toothpaste Swiftly SS.

lululemon black grape studio pant
The Black Grape Studio Pant and Rocky Road Scuba jacket. I am not a big fan of purple pants for myself but these look more blue than purple in the photo. I need to check these out in the store.

lululemon everyday pant

lululemon everyday pant
Photos of the new Everyday Pant. I really like them in the second photo. I'm not sure I'd pony up $128 plus tax for these but I can definitely see a use for a lululemon jean-substitute in my wardrobe/lifestyle - definitely a useful travel piece or sideline-mom wear.

lululemon purple fog swiftly turn around tight

lululemon rebel runner vest
I really liked the colors in this outfit - Purple Fog LS Swiftly (I think), Bordeaux Rebel Runner Vest, Bordeaux Run With Me Ear Warmer, and Herringbone Turn Around Tights.

lulelmon race your pace ls osaka stripe

lululemon toothpaste swiftly ss
Oasaka Stripe Heathered Black Grape Race Your Pace LS, Toothpaste Swiftly SS, and Rugged Blue Turn Around Tights.

lululemon out of this world dress
lululemon out of the world dress

lululemon everything she wants vest sherpa

lululemon everything she wants vest s

lululemon everything she wants vest varsity-plaid-wunder-under-pant
Everything She Wants Vest with Coco Pique Wunder Under Pant and Varsity Plaid Wunder Under Pant.

lululemon going grape herringbone-turn-around tight

lululemon going-grape first base tank
Going Grape First Base Tank with Herringbone Turn Around Tight and Tech Mesh Tights.

lululemon jumbo inky floral wunder under crop
Jumbo Inky Floral Wunder Under Crops.


lululemon long line clip in bra back

lululemon clip in long line bra

New bra for indoor cycling - Clip-In Long Line Bra. Love, love, love! I wish they had a tank version of this. I love the mesh in the front.

lululemon clip in tank

lululemon clip in tank back
New tank for indoor cycling - Clip In Tank. I don't love it but I can how it would be breezily cool for spin class. According to the text you are supposed to tie it shut during class and untie it for cool down. Hmm, maybe I'll order one to check it out. My favorite spin tank is the Right Round Tank from a couple of years ago. 

lululemon clip in crop

lululemon clip in crop grape

lululemon clip in short

lululemon clip in short black grape

Size 12 ladies like to spin, too, you know.

New Black Grape Clip In Crops and Shorts. I like these except they don't come in a 12.

lululemon heathered berry yum yum inspires

lululemonheathered berry yum yum inspires
Heathered Berry Yum Yum Inspires and they come in a 12! I was tempted to order these but I already ordered a bunch of stuff and didn't want the husband to blow a gasket.

lululemon heathered going grape 105f singlet
Canada got a Heathered Black Grape 105F Singlet.

lululemon black deep coal forme s

lululemon black deep coal forme jacket

lululemon coco pique forme jacket
New Forme Jackets in Black/Deep Coal Texture (Diamond Jacquard Space Dye?) and Coco Pique. I ordered the Coco Pique Forme.

lululemon bark chocolate wunder under pant
Reversible Wunder Under Pant in Bark Chocolate/Black.

lululemon diamond jacquard space dye black

Diamond Jacquard Space Dye Black Deep Coal Wunder Under Pants. I ordered these, too. I read the Flaming Tomato crop version of these were soft and thick so hoping the same for the black ones. Not sure whether I'll keep these but wanted to give them a try.

lululemon heathered black turn around tights
Heathered Black Turn Around Tights. I ordered these, too. I'm looking forward to their rulu cozy softness.

lululemon out of this world ls

lululemon out of this world ss

lululemon out of this world ss

lululemon everyday pant

lululemon everything she wants vest
More &Go/Co-Lab type stuff - the Out of this World LS and Tee, Everyday Pant (like those), and Everything She Wants Vest.

The UK got a Light and Bright Vest. The UK price is 158 pounds. I hate to think how much it'll be when it gets here. It's very functional but so charmless. I would think you could spent a lot less to find similar functionality.

Hong Kong got Flaming Tomato and Heathered Slate Cool Racerbacks. 

Hong Kong also got this pretty Going Grape No Limit Tank.

What did you order?

Update - Ok, I went back and ordered the Clip In Bra and Tank to try. I didn't want to wait to see whether my store would get them or not.