Friday, October 3, 2014

Fuel Green Fleecy Keen Jacket, Laser Cut 105F Singlet, and More

From a Rochester, New York lululemon store - Fuel Green Fleecy Keen Jacket. Also shown is a Vite Vite Run Toque. It also looks like she is wearing the Coco Pique Race Your Pace LS.

lululemon 105F singlet laser cut
From a UK lululemon store - the Laser Cut 105F Singlet.

lululemon inky floral speed tight rebel runner lusche telemark

lululemon jumbo inky-floral-speed lusche-telemark-wunder-under rebel-runner-crop

lululemon lushe telemark wunder under pant

lululemon lusche telemark wunder under pant

lululemon seek-the-heat-tank lusche telemark wunder-under-pant
Jumbo Inky Floral Inkwell Speed Tight, Lusche Telemark Wunder Under Pant, Bordeaux Inky Floral Rebel Runner Crop.

lululemon radiant ls white

lululemon radiant ls

lululemon radiant ls

lululemon radiant ls

lululemon white radiant ls

lululemon radiant-ls
More Radiant LS tops.

lululemon black grape rebel runner crops

lululemon rebel runner crop black grap
More Black Grape Rebel Runner Crop photos.

lululemon rust berr om and roam pullover

lululemon rust berry om and roam pullover

Mail Day Comments

lululemon inkwell black pique wunder under pants
Mini Check Pique Skinny Wills, left, and Inkwell/Black Pique Wunder Under Pant
I got my order from Monday (yay, west coast warehouse!) so finally decided to try on my Inkwell/Black pique Wunder Under Pants. I bought the Inkwell Black Wunder Under Pant as a potential replacement for my Mini Check Pique Skinny Will pants. As everyone has reported they are thin. I thought they were super comfy - very soft - but they are probably the lightest textured pant I've tried. They also are about as supportive as pajama pants.  They looked opaque in my bedroom mirror but I always like to check them in the three-way mirror in the store. I weighed them and have some comparisons for you (sorry for my dirty scale).
lululemon inkwell black pique wunder under pant
Size 12 Inkwell/Black Pique Wunder Under Pant

Size 10 Mini Check Pique Skinny Will Pant
Size 12 Bark Cotton Roll Down Wunder Under Pant

I also weighed the black herringbone WUPS I recently bought and they came up the same as the Bark Wunder Under Pant. Even though the Inkwell/Black Piques are super soft, for $102 I was hoping for thicker pants.

I also ordered the Bark Cotton Roll Down Wunder Under Pants and liked them a lot. They look opaque in my home mirror but I'd like to see them in the store three way. I am inclined to keep them but not sure what colors I would pair with them.

I got my Coco Pique Vinyasa. The Vinyasa is on the left and a pair of Coco Pique Wunder Under Pants are on the right. The Coco Pique scarf material might be a touch thinner than the pants, but it's super soft. I am leaning towards keeping it.

The back side of the coco pique  - Vinyasa on the left, Coco Pique WUPS on the right.

I also ordered two Sweater the Betters, in the gray and the bordeaux. I thought the bordeaux fit a bit shorter. I really liked both of them and am leaning towards keeping both. The material feels nicely soft and I have been in the market for a nicely thick cotton sweater that doesn't have a hi/low hem or cut in a giant boxy boyfriend style. I'm going to take a trip to the store to try on the next size down just to see how the shoulders fit but I do like the length of the silver. I would say this fits on the large side.

Anytime Dress, Black Grape Rebel Runner Crops, and More

lululemon anytime dress

lululemon anytime dress bordeaux
Photos of the new Anytime Dress. From a Canadian lululemon store.

lululemon black grape rebel runner crop

lululemon black grape rebel runner crops

lululemon black grape rebel runner crops
Photos of the Black Grape Rebel Runner Crops with a Bumble Berry Swiftly tank.

lululemon jumbo inky floral inkwell speed tight

lululemon speed tight jumbo inky floral
More Jumob Inky Floral Inkwell Speed Tights, worn with the Departure Top.

lululemon radiant ls seek the heat crops
 Radiant LS and Seek the Heat Crops.

lululemon bordeaux radiant ls
The Bordeaux Radiant LS.

lululemon savasana softshell ii

lululemon savasana softshell ii camp check

lululemon savasana softshell camp check
More Savasana Softshell II jacket photos. It runs very large. 

Britt's Picks

The latest Britt's Picks are up. The Coco Pique Bhakti Yoga Jacket and grape striped Race Your Pace LS is already in Canadian stores.