Thursday, September 18, 2014

New Pique Vinyasa (?), Black Petal Camo Sashiko Wunder Under Crops, and More

I'm not super up on the latest Vinyasas but since this one is being featured in the photos I am going to assume it's new. It looks identical to last year's Pique Vinyasa which is the one and only Vinyasa I own. It's super soft and warm. Shown with the Bumble Berry Tonka Stripe SS Swiflty. (Update - this photo came from a showroom store so not sure if the Vinyasa is coming or they got some random leftovers. I would think the pique Vinyasas sold through from last year so these might be new. If anyone knows for sure, can you comment? Thanks.)

Bumble Berry Swiftly SS  - I finally made it to the store today and was hoping to see this Swiftly but they didn't have it yet. I'm kind of bummed since it seems like every other store in the US has it already. 

Photos of the funky Black Petal Camo/Diamond Dot "Sashiko" Wunder Under crops. Shown with the Power Up tank and Cocoon Car Coat.

Mauvelous Flow Y, Purple Fog 105F Singlet, and Plush Petal Boogie Shorts.

Fuel Green Right As Rain Jacket. Also shown are Studio Pants and Bordeaux Bhakti Yoga Jacket.

You can't tell from the photo but this is a Brushed Luon Forme Jacket so the brushed items are starting to arrive.

Fuel Green Om and Roam Tights. Also shown are Rugged Blue Ebb to Street Pant, All Sport Bra, and Power Up Tank.

Om and Roam Pullover with the Purple Fog Wunder Under Crops.

Hmm, I thought these are all Go the Distance shorts but there isn't a gray version on line.

 Photos of the new OM Tee.

Heathered Slate Hyper Stripe Vinyasa

Thanks to Ms. K. for the photo.
Those of you who ordered the Black Herringbone Vinyasa from the Tuesday upload but thought they were getting a plain black rulu one instead can relax - they are sending out black herringbone Vinyasas. My friend, Ms. K., received her order today and it is indeed a Herringbone Vinyasa. Whew!

I took my Bordeaux Rebel Runners to the store today to check them out in the three way mirror and I didn't love what I saw.  They were a bit too sheer/revealing of my imperfections so I ended up returning them and getting a pair of black Herringbone Wunder Under Pants instead. I am a little bummed since I really loved the high, wide waistband and found the crops very comfortable overall. I was hoping to try the gray Rebel Runners on since they are getting universally good reviews on the website but my store did not have them.

Cocoon Car Coat Photos

lululemon cocoon car coat
Shown with Purple Fog Wunder Under Crops

lululemon cocoon car coat

lululemon cocoon car coat

lululemon two times a yogi bag

lululemon cocoon car coat

lululemon cocoon car coat

luluemon cocoon car coat-black

lululemon cocoon car coat

lululemon cocoon car coat black

lululemon cocoon car coat

lululemon cocoon car coat

lululemon vinyasa scarf gray white stripe

I really have no words for this piece. I've got to this it's headed straight for the markdown rack.

Fuel Green Right As Rain Jacket

New Fuel Green (I think it's Fuel) Right As Rain Jacket. Also shown is the Om Tee and Seek the Heat Crops.

Seek the Heat Crop and Om Tee.