Tuesday, September 16, 2014


The US got bupkis tonight but I love some of the items that showed up on the Canadian side of the website. I love these Sweat Happens Liner bags. I use the wet bag that comes with my gym bag all the time for my sweaty gyms towels/clothes and shoes.

The Heathered Bark cotton Roll Down WUPS are nice, too. Canada only. :(

I swear this wasn't on the Canadian website when I first looked but it showed up a few minutes later - Boob Wired Bra (Canada only)

Coco Pique Stride. Coco Pique is probably my favorite pique. (Canada only)

Heathered Marled Black Scuba (Canada only)

Layered Long Sleeve (Canada only)

Citt Knit Pant

Inky Floral Seek the Heat Crop

Purple Fog Wunder Under Crops

Rust Berry/Yama Check Tracker II Shorts (Canada only)

The US got rooked tonight as far as new goodies so I didn't get anything. I guess it's good that last week's order took a whole week to get here (yeaaaah, I don't really mean that) so I have something new to play with.

Did you order anything?

Foreign Site Heads Up

lululemon rust berry run for gold half zip

lululemon run for gold half zip

Hello, my Beauty!  New Rust Berry Run For Gold Half Zip. This better make it to North America. I'm definitely getting this.

lululemon breathe in tank

lululemon breathe in tank
Cute new Breathe In Tank. This reminds me of classic lululemon where they'd mix a few different colors and patterns in the same tank.

lululemon pace setter skirt yama check flaming tomato

lululemon flaming tomator yama check skirt
New Flaming Tomato/Bordeaux Yama Check Pace Setter Skirt.

Purple Fog Wunder Under Pants, Leg Warmers, Almost Pear Bangbuster, and More

Purple Fog Reversible Wunder Under Pants. Shown with the new Evolution Leg Warmers.

lululemon burnt gold two times a yogi bag
Same woman with the Om and Roam Pullover and the Burnt Gold Two Times a Yogi Bag.

lululemon leg warmers
Evolution Leg Warmers in Flaming Tomato and Black.

New Almost Pear/Plush Petal Bangbuster. Also shown is the Plush Petal Spring Forward Jacket, Crew neck swiftly tank, and Bumble Berry Pace Setter Skirt.

The Plush Petal side of the Almost Pear Bangbuster with a Bumble Berry hyperstripe Power Y and Om and Roam Un-tight Tights.

lululemon inkwell denim wunder under pant
Love the Sashico Cross Spring Forward Jacket with Inkwell Denim Wunder Under pants.

Om and Roam Pullover

Om and Roam Pullover. Shown with Sattva pant and Yogini 5 Year Tee.

Bumble Berry/Bordeaux Hyperstripe Power Y

Camp Check Scuba

Heathered Black Race Your Pace Half and Track to Reality Pants

Crew Neck Swiftly Tank and More

This woman makes the new crew neck Swiftly look so good. Shown with Fuel Green In the Flow Crops and the Spring Forward Jacket.