Monday, August 25, 2014

Australian Heads Up

Agogo Effortless Dress in Plush Petal - made of swim fabric

Agogo Good to Go Tee. Also comes in Bordeaux. - made of swim fabric

Wide legged Wonder Pant

Flip Your Dog Onsie

Rebel Runner Vest in Ghost, made of Rulu and Glyde

Rebel Runner Vest in Black Petal Camo Embossed Print - pretty!

Tonka Stripe Heathered Rugged Blue LS Swiftly - super pretty!
Quite a bit of fug this week but the Rebel Runner Vest and Rugged Blue Swiftly are nice.

More Biggy Dot Here to There, Burnt Gold Bag, Diamond Dot Forme Jacket, and More

More Biggy Dot Here to There Dress Photos. The Burnt Gold Two Times a Yogi Bag.

Diamond Dot Forme Jacket, Back to Class Backpack, Heathered Black crops, Burnt Gold bag.

Black Camo Forme, Bordeaux Roll Down Wunder Under Pants, Burnt Gold Two Times a Yogi Bag, and Illumina crops.

The new Spring Forward run jacket in the Plush Petal print.

Black Seabed Comme to Cozy Dress.

Run for Gold Half Zip Pullover. My sister bought one of these while we were in Vancouver. They fit TTS.

Run for Gold LS. I tried this on this weekend but I am blanking out on what size I liked best. I thought it was super nice - very soft.

Fullux Jet Crops in black, black camo, burlap, and pretty palm print. I guess lululemon had a lot of leftover fabric in these prints.

Biggy Dot Here to There Dress

The new Here to There Dress in Biggy Dot print. It's really cute. She is also carrying the new Vestigan.

Britt's Picks - New Here to There Dresses Hit the US this Week!

Some goodies hitting the US this week - new Here to There Dress in Bordeaux Drama, Biggy Dot print, and Black. I also like the look of the rulu Awsoma Henley. Too bad I am tapped out from Sea Wheeze weekend. I really love the print Chilly Chill Puffy Vest but thank goodness it's too warm for my climate.