Monday, August 18, 2014

Refresher Racer to Replace the Cool Racerback?!?

Ugh, I floated my theory about this earlier today but now I'm hearing it might actually be true. The Refresher is being tested as a possible Cool Racerback replacement. That would be terrible. The Cool Racerback is the item I own the most of at 58 tanks (I own zero Refreshers) and I know a ton of people who have way more than me. I really do not like the Refresher Racer - the racer part is too wide in the back (i.e., hot), I don't like the curved duck tale hem (doesn't look good hanging out underneath Scubas or pullovers), the thin front straps, the lower scoop in front. The fit is not nearly as universally flattering as the CRB. I think it's a nice change of pace from the CRB but no way it replaces the perfect fit of the Cool Racerback. I'd start sending in your feedback now to lululemon about the Cool Racerback if you don't want to see it go away.

Update: A topic thread was started on the Hey Lululemon site about replacing the Cool Racerback with the Refresher Racer. Please leave your feedback there, too, as well as here.

New Sea Wheeze Shopper Totes in Stores

There is a new Sea Wheeze themed shopper tote out in the stores now. 

More Special Edition Wunder Under Photos

Patchwork Wunder Under Crop

Patchwork Wunder Under Pant

Wow, both of these look terrible on these ladies. I mean, the photo angles aren't great but they do nothing for them.

Australian Heads Up

New Embossed Flat Inky Floral Hop To It Crops in Australia. They are available in size 2 through 12 in Australia but the North American buyer is a different person so who knows what sizes we'll get. I really hope this print is coming in another bottom style. The inseam on these is 17" so a bit short. I'd love them in Up the Pace or Inspires.

Blossom Stripe Cool Racerback - yay, I love CRBs and am not a fan of the Refresher Racer,

Illumina Crops and More

Blossom Stripe Energy bra

Bordeaux Drama Refresher Racer Tank

Bumble Berry Stash It Tank and Illumina Crop

Bordeaux Refresher Racer Tank, Denim Skinny Will Pants, and More

Bordeaux Refresher Racer Tank (ugh, where is the CRB in this color?), Blossom Stripe Energy bra, and Denim Skinny Will Pant.

Also shown is the City Lab Pullover
Bordeaux Refresher Racer and Patchwork Wunder Under Pant
Miss Misty Pullover and patchwork Wunder Under Crops

Heathered Bordeaux Swiftly SS and Sashico Cross Pace Setter Skirt

Sashico Patchwork Crop and Pant, Plus Lab City Pullover

Also shown is a new Bordeaux Refresher Racer Tank

I am not sure of the official name of these patchwork bottoms but I'm calling them patchwork, lol. The patching seems to be vastly different between the crop and the pant. The top photo shows the crop and the bottom has the pant version. Also shown in the top photo is the new Lab City Pullover (blech) and Bordeaux Cotton Roll Down Wunder Under Pant.

Lab City Pullover and Bordeaux Cotton Roll Down Wunder Under pant.

Black Refresher Racer tank and Diamond Dot Skinny Will Pant.

Bordeaux Swiftly SS and More

Heathered Bordeaux Swiftly SS

New Hyperstripe Black/Ghost Power Y and Denim Skinny Will Pants

Patchwork Wunder Under Pants and black Refresher Racer Tank

The Blossom Stripe Refresher Racer tank.

Blossom Stripe Energy Bra

Inkwell/Heathered Slate stripe Cool Racerback

Lab City Beat Pullover

Temp Stripe Black and White Swiftly

Sashico Cross Pace Setter Skirt, Bordeaux Cotton Roll Down Wunder Under Pants, Denim Skinny Grooves, and More

Heathered Bordeaux Swiftly SS and Sashico Cross Pace Setter Skirt. Love the skirt. I'm assuming there will be shorts in this fabric.

New Blossom Stripe Refresher Racer tank (I sure hope this is NOT replacing the Cool Racerback) and Bordeaux Drama Cotton Roll Down Wunder Under Pant.

More photos of those patchwork denim/sashico print Wunder Under Pant.

Diamond Dot Skinny Will Pant.

Denim Skinny Groove Pants.

Roll Down Denim Wunder Under Pants

Denim bottoms. I'd suggest she try the next size up since they seem like pantyhose on her.

Sashico print, denim, and Floral Platoon WUP

Sashico Cross Wunder Unders.

More denim bottoms.