Friday, August 15, 2014

Denim Wunder Under Pants and More

The Denim Wunder Under Pants and The Sweater Life Sweater. I got to try on the Bordeaux Drama sweater today and loved the color - so rich and deep. However, that horizontal seem part way down the arm is very annoying so the sweater stayed at the store.

If you click on the photos you'll see these are the Sashico Star Wunder Under crops with the regular waistband. Shown with the Bumble Berry Stash It tank.

Bumble Berry Boogie Shorts and Free to Be bra.

New silverescent sock. I definitely want to give this style a try.

Try On Reports: Denim Wunder Under Pant, Stash It Tank, Free Fall Crops, Miss Misty Pullover

Heathered Light Gray Forme Jacket, Sashico Star Inkwell/Rugged Blue Flow Y bra, and Sashico Cross Inkwell/Rugged Blue Roll Down Wunder Under crop.

The new denim Roll Down Wunder Under Pants. I tried these on today. I liked them but probably could use a size up in them so they are more deep blue and less whitish in spots (see middle photo where the color comes across more "faded". The material has a bit of sheen to it and seems to highlight bumps - note the deeper blue area on the side of her left hip and calf in the first photo (not that these are "bad" bumps to highlight, just wanted you to note the material does create shadows). I thought the material was very stretchy and nicely lightweight, though I find denim luon to be warm for inside workouts.

I tried on the new Practice Cotton Free Fall crops and liked how soft and cozy they were. The leg opening is snugger than in the older light luon version. I would say these fit TTS but the practice cotton doesn't have as much give as the older version.

I tried on the What the Sport Short in the heathered black and really liked them. The heathered black luxtreme is very pretty color and I hope we'll see more items in it. I thought they fit TTS.

Wrappers Delight Tank and Speed Short.

I tried on the Stash It tank today and was surprised how much I liked it because it hadn't won me over in the photos. It's super lightweight and cool and would be great for sweaty workouts.  The website and hang tag text doesn't say it but I believe the outer layer is silverescent circle mesh, which is my most favorite lightweight fabric from lululemon. They haven't made it in awhile so I'm glad to see it back. The split side design is handy if you are a bit of a pear shape and tend to size down in your tank for the built in bra to fit but then find the hip area too snug. Conversely, if you have to size up for the bra to fit but then the rest of the tank hangs on you, you can always tie loose ends at the bottom. The only thing I don't like about the tank is the rather inelegant design of the back:

However, this tank is very functional and comfortable so I think, in this case, function wins out over fashion. I'm about to leave for Sea Wheeze so decided against getting this tank at this point but I'm probably going to break down and get one. I keep thinking about it so that is a sign I really like it. I thought the fit was TTS. 

I've been reading a lot of raves over the Miss Misty Pullover but I was disappointed to find the shoulders rather tight in this top, particularly since it's a run top. I tried it on straight over my sports bra so the material felt sticky and hot to me. It's probably fine with a tank or long sleeve underneath, though it seems like a heat-trapper to me. The underside of the arms are made of perforated material but I think this jacket could use a mesh armpit. If you are planning on running in this I'd definitely try the size up to get shoulder and back/upper chest room. 

Sashico Star Wunder Unders and Sashico Cross Roll Down Wunder Under Crop Comments

I got to try on the Sashico Inkwell/Rugged Blue Star Wunder Under crops (shown on top) and the Sashico Cross Roll Down Wunder Under crops. I didn't realize the difference in these two prints - the photos on the website are too dark (an ever-present problem, photographer/web team!) to tell much detail - but you can see it a little better above. The blotchiness of the blue background color - the cool thing about this color - shows up a lot better in the Cross print/Roll Down Version.

The fabric content of the crops. These are full on luon.

Note the price adjustment sticker and $10 price difference between the Roll Down and Regular crop prices. As point of note, solid black regular waist Wunder Crops are $72. I'm not getting the $20 price difference between the three types of crops - plain black WUCs are $72, print WUCs and black roll down WUCs are $82, and print roll down WUCs are $92. I liked the Sashico cross Roll Down WUCs well enough but for $92 they have to be pretty awesome. I am preferring fullux (full on luxtreme) crops for my workout crops these days (I find the fabric more breathable and opaque than full on luon) so I hope this blotchy cross print is coming in luxtreme.  I could see the white rip out tag and my underwear outline in a deep bend.  However, I think if I had darker underwear on I wouldn't have had an issue.

Sea Wheeze Sneak Peeks

Lululemon sent out an email and posted some sneak peek photos of the Sea Wheeze Expo merchandise. I like the tie dye Tracker shorts but the pair I got with my registration have those stupid plastic threads in the waistband that poke you so I am leery of buying more Trackers. I am excited for the Bound Bra since I love my Water Bound bras a ton. I hope it's the same style as the Water Bound and not the older, skimpier Bound Bra styling. Hopefully, the Vancouver-area reseller douches that cheesed everyone out of Wanderlust pants at Whistler will give the Sea Wheeze Expo a pass. There isn't anything that is going to command a $700 price tag on eBay and Sea Wheeze merch hasn't been a red hot seller so I would think runners should be able to get the merch they want.

Newest Britt's Picks

Britt's picks are up for this week. The only thing I am interested in is the Inky Floral Tracker shorts and only Canada is getting them. WTH is up with the Blazer Vest? The bandon the SE WUPS looks like a calf sleeve. What a bizarre design.