Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sashico Cross Inkwell Rugged Blue Wunder Under Crops Photo and More

Rugged Blue/Inkwell Sashico Star Wunder Under Crops and Floral Platoon Wunder Under Pants. 

Sashico Star print Pace tights with the Exhalation Pullover.

Bordeaux Wrappers Delight Tank.

New waistbands on the Astro Wunder Under crops.

Big reflective patches on the Conduct SS tee.

Still loving the henley Metal Vent tech for the men.

Sashico Cross Rugged Blue Wunder Under Print and More

Another new print in either Roll Down or High Low (stores are using both names) Wunder Under crops. I like this print a lot but would love it without the cross print on top. Based on how these are wrinkling at her knee in the top photo I'd almost guess they were made of practice cotton but more likely full on luon.

Update - these were uploaded to the website on Tuesday. I didn't realize these were the same crops because the lighting on the website photos is so awful you can't see the blotches in the color.

Another photo of the Denim Wunder Under Pants and Floral Platoon WUPs.

New Astro Wunder Under Pant.

More Inkwell Denim Wunder Under Pant Photos

More photos of the Denim Wunder Under Pants. I don't have an official color for them yet but I think they look like Inkwell.

Also, the Floral Platoon Denim Wunder Under Pants are back. I didn't think these were nearly as hot a seller as the Milky Way or Beachscape Denim bottoms so I'm surprised they are back. I'm assuming they are left over stock and not a new production run.

A couple of new interesting men's items - a new print in the Pace Breaker shorts and a funky reflective pattern on the Conduct V tee.

Spotted in Stores - Denim Roll Down Wunder Unders and a Bordeaux/Bumble Berry Vinyasa

New Denim Roll Down Wunder Unders. These are in US stores.

New Bordeaux/Bumble Berry Vinyasa Scarf. (Thanks to Ms. K. for the photo.) This is from a Vancouver store.

Pleat to Street Skirts and More

Some nice Pleat to Street Skirt photos.

Stash It Tank and Inky Floral Speed Shorts.

Bordeaux Stripe Cool Racerback and Heathered Slate Wunder Under Pants.

FYI - I'm reading there are Heathered Bordeaux Drama short sleeved Swiftlys in strategic partner stores. I am crossing my fingers for a Fuel Green Swiftly.