Monday, August 11, 2014

Inky Floral Tracker II Shorts and Pace Setter Skirt and More

A Canadian reader spotted some Inky Floral Tracker II shorts in her store. They have an off white liner and are four-way. I am definitely ordering these if they show up tomorrow. (Thanks to Ms. K. for the photo.)

The latest Speed shorts in Bumble Berry and Inkwell.Rugged Blue Diamond Dot. Also shown is an Inky Floral print Pace Setter skirt.

The new What the Sport Shorts are in North America. Also shown is the Miss Misty Pullover in Inkwell Sashico Star print.

With the Inkwell Sashico Star Wunder Unders.

With Inky Floral Speed Shorts.

With the Pleat to Street Skirt and Sweater Life sweater.
Stash It Tank photos.

Bordeaux Wrappers Delight tank and Sashico print Wunder Unders.

Miss Misty Pullover and Bumble Berry Speed Shorts.

Stash It tank, Bumble Berry Speed Shorts, and Miss Misty Pullover.

Blossom Stripe Pleat to Street skirt.

Heathered Black Stride Jacket.

Australia/NZ Heads Up - Chilly Chill Puffy Vest, New Prints, and More

New Reversible Chilly Chill Puffy Vest. The top print is Inky Floral Black Ghost and reverses to Ghost. The middle is Black Gingham and reverses to solid black. The bottom is Inkwell Exploded Sashiko Star and reverses to solid Inkwell. I love the black ghost Inky Floral print and hope other items are coming in it.

New 17" run crops called the Hop To It crop.

New light Luxtreme LS called the Run for Gold LS. This is Jeweled Magenta. I like this, though the fit looks a bit baggy. I need to see it on some real life people. 

We are supposed to be getting the Run for Gold half zip this week. This is also made of light luxtreme.

New Inkwell Ta Ta Tamer.

Photos of the new Stash It Tank.

New swift pants called the Track to Reality pant. These also come in solid black.

New Fullux short called the What the Sport Short. They have a 4"inseam.

New bra style called the On the Run bra. 

New print called Plush Petal in the Wrappers Delight Tank.

NEW! Miss Misty Pullover, Purple Fog (?) Studio Jacket, Stash It Tank, Plus More

Shown with Inkwell/Rugged Blue Tracker II shorts.

Shown with Pace Tights

Shown with the Pleat to Street Skirt
Thanks to Ms. C. for the photo.

Photos of the new Miss Misty Pullover. Coming in Black, Inky Floral, and Inkwell Sashico Star Print.

Thanks to Ms. M. for this photo.
New Bumble Berry Stash It Tank.

Up close photo of the Wrapper's Delight Tank. (Thanks to Ms. M. for the photo.)

Thanks to Ms. K. for this photo.
New Dance Studio Jacket is out. The color code is PUFO, which I am guessing might be Purple Fog or Purple Foam.

A new Heathered Black Stride Jacket has hit the stores. 

Stash It Tank, Miss Misty Pullover, Inky Floral Speed Shorts.

Bumble Berry Wrapper's Delight Tank and Inky Floral Speeds

The Sweater Life, Cool Racerback, Pace Tights.

The Sweater Life sweater has hit US stores. Shown in Pumpkin and Gray.