Saturday, August 2, 2014

More of the Latest

Muscle Hustle Tee photos.

Rolling with my Omies hoodie, Wunder Under Pant, Unity Pullover

I got my Great Granite Wunder Unders yesterday and really liked them. I found them opaque and nicely matte with good coverage. I took the tags off them today.

More photos of the Diamond Dot Bordeaux Drama Wunder Unders

Jeweled Magenta In the Flow crops and Meesh bra.

Lab Edge tee and Breathe Easy pants.

Heathered Slate Wunder Under Pants.

Wanderlust on the Website (JK)

A clever lulu fan (thanks to Ms. J. for letting me use this) mocked up a fake website listing for Wanderlust pants. The text is hard to see without zooming in, but here it is:

why we made this

We made approximately 150 pairs of these pants for our Wanderlust festivals so that people would go batshit crazy. We have no intention of making them again, so it's best you go kick a baby or punch an avid yoga fan to get your hands on them. 

fabric + features

  • cottony-soft Luon fabirc is engineered for extra stretch when two customers are playing tug of war over them in the store.
  • Luon fabric is sweat-wicking, four-way stretch and breathable. Sure comfort because they'll have to pry them out of your dead hands.
  • second-skin fit is great for checking your alignment in the mirror and ideal butt shots (we're not hating, they look great)
  • the wide, smooth waistband is designed to eliminate muffin top
  • stow your yoga pass or gym card in our signature waistband pocket. A tight squeeze for bear spray but you might need some at Wanderlust. Ommm. 
  • imported and produced for approximately $20.

fit + function

  • designed for: yoga, gym, to-and-from, scarcity, extremely inflated pricing on ebay
  • fabric(s): Luon, the tears of those who miss out
  • fit: tight

The insider jokes:
  • there was a report of a woman with an infant in a front carrier being pushed when the store first opened. 
  • people waiting in the pre-dawn hours before the store opened got to see a bear extremely close up
  • current bidding pricing for the pants is in the $400+ range

I do not understand why lululemon made so few of these. I can't tell whether its on purpose to stoke interest in the brand or because of cluelessness as to what really appeals to their customers and extremely bad estimating skills as to how many they could sell. It happens so often I almost think it's on purpose but then again, why would a company deliberately leave so much money on the table by underproducing items. These pants have become the subject of some very acrimonious posts on lulu chat boards recently. People are accusing their angels of backstabbing them since supposedly promised items are being sold on bidding site for very high prices ($450 and up - latest pair just went for $570). It's gotten very ugly. I hope lululemon takes a page out of what they do for Australian Sea Wheeze fans and releases the pants (and bra) with a regular logo for the entire lululemon world to buy. Or, makes a very similar pattern for general release.  Lululemon has been really good lately about making second production runs of highly sought after prints and items so maybe they can work it out with Wanderlust to make another production run for general release.