Monday, July 28, 2014

Unity Pullover and More

Unity Pullover and Breathe Easy Tight. The Pullover is $118.

Open Your Heart Tank and Skinny Groove Pant

Mojave Tan 105F Singlet and Great Granite Inspire Crops

Mojave Tan 105F Singlet, Stuff Your Bra, and Cadet Up the Pace Crops

These would look cute if they were solid and had the tan piping around the hips and thigh.

The look being pushed today - Meesh Tee and Great Granite Breathe Easy Tights. Blech.

Meesh Tee, Great Granite Wunder Unders, and new Breathe Easy bra

Underneath the Meesh Tee is a new striped Power Y tank.

White Meesh Tee and Black Breathe Easy Pant.

I was going to call this a Lift and Separate Bra but the back is not the same. Not sure what this is. Shown with the Breathe Easy Tights. Breathe Easy bra and pants.

Jeweled Magenta Mesh Bangbuster

Lab Edge Tee, Meesh Tee, and Sport Tee.

Lab Edge Tee and Breathe Easy Pant

Open Your Heart Tank and Breathe Easy Pant

NEW! Forme Jacket, Unity Pullovers, and More

Oooh! A glimmer of something cute in the sea of mesh-infused fug this week is shaping up to be. Looks like a Mojave Tan/Black striped Forme. I'm really liking the look of this. I think she has the Mojave Tan 105F Singlet underneath.

Unity Pullover. I'm not sure what pants are shown in the second photo. I'd guess Astros.

Meesh Tee and Breathe Easy Pant.

Lab Edge Tee and Great Granite Wunder Unders.

Sport Tee and Meesh Skirt

Great Granite Breathe Easy Pant, Meesh Tee, and More

Lab Edge tee and Breathe Easy Pant in Great Granite. It's practically physically hurting me to look at these photos. Fug city.

Meesh tee, Breathe Easy bra, and Lab Night Tights.

I didn't realize it until I saw it in person but the Mojave Tan 105F singlet is two tone - Mojave Tan in the front and Angel Wing in the back.