Saturday, July 26, 2014

Tie Dye Swiftlys and More

Free to Be bra in Tonka Stripe Mojave Tank/Black and Astro Wunder Under Pants in Neon Pink/Mojve Tank.

The Tie Dye Swiftly tank and SS. I returned the crops I ordered the other day and picked up a Tie Dye Swiftly in both the tank and the SS. I couldn't make up my mind which I liked better so I got both. I really like Tie Dye so there is a good chance I'll keep both of them. There is such a variation in the patterns - both of the ones I got look a lot more striped in the front than the ones I am seeing on line.

Great Granite Inspire crops and Stuff Your bra. I ordered the Great Granite Wunder Unders to give them a try.

Post Practice Cardigan, Jeweled Magenta 105F Singlet and Great Granite Wunder Under crops.

The Sport Tee.

The Beachy Keen Scarf and Mudra Tank.

Rest Less Tank and Run for Fun crops in Bruised Berry.

Run Times Shorts.

Striped Cadet Swiftly Tank and Wee Wheezy Check Speeds

Great Granite/Mojave Tan with Bordeaux, Plum, Fatigue, Wren, Branch, and Cadet

Great Granite CRB and Bordeaux Drama Studio Crops
Part of my Tuesday order was the Great Granite Cool Racerback. Before I return it I wanted to check how the color looked against something other than black. This photo shows it with a pair of Bordeaux Drama Studio Crops. BD really looks nice against Mojave and I love this combo best of all I tried.

This is the GG CRB next to a Plum Cool Racerback. This combo also looks really nice.

Shown with a pair of Fatigue Still Pants. 

Shown with Wren Studio Crops.

Shown with a pair of Branch Still pants. Too bad lululemon didn't reissue one of their browns, like Branch, Teak, or Fox, with Mojave Tan.

Shown with a pair of Cadet Still pants.

After doing