Thursday, July 17, 2014

Comparison: Jeweled Magenta to Paris, Pow, Vintage, Raspberry Glo

Left to Right: Pow Pink, Jeweled Magenta, Paris Pink

Clockwise from left: Pow Pink, Jeweled Magenta, Paris Pink, Heathered Vintage Pink, Raspberry Glow Light, Raspberry Glow.

Jeweled Magenta is a little different from my other hot pinks so I'm keeping it.

I also ordered the Jeweled Magenta Wee Space Cool Racerback. I really like how it looks with my Heathered Light Gray Forme. I'll be keeping this, too.

Wanderlust Lust!!! (Updated Again)

Special Edition Wanderlust Wunder Under Crops/Pants

Colored Wunder Unders

Wanderlust Bra - super cute!!

D'Om Wrap.

Vitasea Wanderlust Tanks.

Bag and headbands.

Lululemon's Wanderlust D'Om store

A very big thank you to Miss C. for sharing her Wanderlust photos with us. On the one hand, I am glad to see lululemon has talented designers coming out with fun prints and cute designs. On the other hand, I am a bit miffed that the main line has been left to twist in the wind for the past couple of months with a lot junk designs and repeats of core items/colors. I totally understand catering to who made the brand - hardcore yogis - but darn, get the Wanderlust design crew working on the main product line stat.

UPDATE: A few more photos of the merchandise - thanks to Ms. D. I am reading all the print Wunder Unders are gone now.

Hey, lululemon, how about you release these to North America/the world but with the regular lululemon logo, like you do with Sea Wheeze merchandise in Australia? They would sell in an instant.

UPDATE #2 - A few more photos from Ms. C.: