Monday, July 14, 2014

Gray No Limit Tank, Opal Street To Studio, and More

Heathered Medium Gray No Limit Tank and Forest In the Flow crops.

Opal All Day Asana Tote

Drishti Yoga Tote Tides Up Mojave Tan

Opal Lined Street to Studio Pant.

More Noir Items

More Photos Than You Could Ever Want of the After Class Cardigan

Styled like this, the After Class Cardigan looks unobjectionable. 

But then, the stores decided to style it...


(Backwards - the front view.)

Upside down and backwards

Upside Down and backwards - front view

Right side up, upside down, backwards -  these poor women try but they are not selling me this sweater.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Jeweled Magenta Wee Space CRB, Stride Jackets, Sweet Dot Trackers

Some photos of the Jeweled Magenta Wee Space Cool Racerback. Also shown are black Sweet Dot Tracker II shorts and Stride jackets.

Wee Space Jeweled Magenta Wunder Under crops.

Close of up the black Sweet Dot Tracker IIs.

Photos of the Black, Gray, and Mojave Tan Stride Jackets.