Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sheer Lemon No Limit Tank, Mojave Tan Wunder Unders, and More

New Sheer Lemon No Limit tank and Super Stripe Mojave Tan/Black (I think) Wunder Under Pant. (I swear this was from a US store but I'm not sure. I'll update when I figure it out. )

Om Racerback (I've been waiting for this to hit my store) and Mojave Tank Wunder Under Pant. These are a denim luon.

Sheer Lemon Ta Ta Topper and camo Speed shorts. 

You know, I didn't realize lululemon has new colors in both the Ta Ta Topper and extremely similar Hustle and Bustle tank so I apologize if I've been misidentifying the tanks. I cannot believe there is a Pretty Palm version in both tanks, they are so similar!

Neon Pink/Opal Wee Are From Space Power Y. I was hoping to see this in my store the other day but no such luck. I didn't care for this color in the Forme but it's much more palatable in a tank. I wish it would come in a Cool Racerback.

New color in the Chai Time II. This is from an Australian store.

I'm not a huge Fatigue Camo fan but it's definitely fun in a bra and shorts. I think I might like the Energy bra in this - it'll be fun peeking out from underneath a colorful CRB.

It's really hard to tell but these are black Camo Speed Shorts. The print barely shows up in this photo, which was taken in bright sunlight.

Opal Swifty tank and the Sweetspot Up the Pace crops.

Swiftly Sheer Lemon tank and Tracker II shorts.

Om Racerback tank, Boogie Shorts, and Energy Bra.

Yogi Cut Off tee. I still haven't seen this in my local store yet.